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Peace Nations Call to PTO eNorway : Another Disgrace

Day 502, 16:22 Published in Romania Ukraine by Australian Warlord

Quote : "Dear people of Indonesia,

It seems that you have elected your new president. Don Agung will be the new president of Indonesia - currently he has an advantage of 330 votes.

So if you vote in Indonesia your vote will be wasted. Please come and help the Hungarian TO of Norway. The Hungarian candidate is Marginaldefeat, a former ambassador of Hungary in Indonesia."

- - - -

The above was a direct call from eHungary for eIndonesians to PTO eNorway. In any RW situation, those conspiring to rig a election would be in jail, but not here. Instead they are rewarded.

We have here clear organised & official eNation (eHungary) involvement in PTO, yet nothing will be done. And you made ask who's primarily to blame? I suggest that it's the admins. The admins turn a blind eye to these things, therefore they are the admins doing.

They mightn't of capable of realising this but these things of actions are costing eRepublik money. That's not only because people quit, but it's because many people simply refuse to give eRepublik even a single cent because to these matters. They are essentially hurting their own bottom line.



The Foundation
The Foundation Day 502, 16:46

Pakistan, Singapore ..shall I continue???

Australian Warlord
Australian Warlord Day 502, 17:04

You'll run out of ink before you finish.

Zoli Day 502, 18:31

Are you blind or what? What did Romonia do in Russia, Pakistan, Ireland, Singapore. What did Croatia do in Serbia?

Gregorius Maximus
Gregorius Maximus Day 502, 18:59

HERE IS THE SAME THING, the same type of message so what do you wanna prove?

flik Day 502, 19:44

food q2 3.5 ron, 10 buc 33 ron.

DarkMenthor Day 502, 20:52

Vand arme q1 ieftine cu 10.7 ron/0.2 gold;10 buc 105 ron/1.95 gold
arme q2 20 RON/0.4 gold
food q3 5.1 RON/0.05 gold

answer Day 502, 21:05

q2 weapon - 0.37 gold (19.5 RON)
PM me if interested...

MAH Industries
MAH Industries Day 502, 21:44

Zoli the difference is that Romania stoped,you are the only country that TOs over and over

drewxyz Day 502, 22:15

Pakistan? What happened in Pakistan?

DevilArcher Day 502, 22:24

MAH: Romania stopped? LOL. Where are the Russian territories now? What is going NOW also in Pakistan? Where is the 1000 golds from the Singaporean treasury taken by Petrescu & Co. a month ago?

oxygene Day 502, 23:33

@Warlord: You know what to say and how to say. The truth is in your words.

oxygene Day 502, 23:36

I don't know why are you making TO in Norway, when your terrotories are under eRomanian administration. Isn't your country problem more important than eNorway? 😁

Clarence Harvey
Clarence Harvey Day 502, 23:59

teach your embrios better, stupid article and stupid questions 🙂

Mistwalker Day 503, 03:57

It's not our place to teach others what to say or what to think, if we were doing that we would be an outstanding PEACE member 😉

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