Day 395, 10:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Horice P Fossil

A patrol of PEACEKEEPERS are heading through a small french village.
When on the horizon they spot a tree with what looks like plastic bags hanging fron it.
The sergeant in charge puts his binoculars to his eyes and focuses on the tree,"what do you think?" he asks his squad passing the binoculars around.
They all look and one of the privates says "i think its bacon hanging from the branches"
They crawl closer and have another look"yes definitely bacon" says the sergeant.
They all stand up and approach the tree.
WHEN SUDDENLY a group of well armed paras jump up and machinegun the peacekeepers killing all but the sergeant.
With his last breath the sergeant asks"WHY THE BACON TREE ?"
The para looks down at him and shouts"ITS NOT A BACON TREE, ITS A HAM BUSH ! "