PEACE Global Security Council Issues Statement to Government of Spain

Day 281, 16:13 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Secretary-General of the PEACE
For Immediate Release
August 27, 2008

The Security Council of the PEACE Global Community clarifies position regarding the Spanish War, makes open statement to Spanish Government

It has been just over twenty-four hours since the Spanish War was ended by a strategic move by Portugal to cut off the Spanish border with Mexico. These actions have been approved by the PEACE Global Community in accordance with our charter, which mandates that we "pursue peace in good faith."

Since the war has been ended, there have been increasing calls from within Spain to declare war upon Portugal. Any such declaration will be met with a strong and unified rebuke by the PEACE Global Community. Spain's anger at Portugal's interference only brings to light the Spanish desire for conquest and subjugation. Warmongering and imperialism will not be allowed in this World any longer. Only through peace and cooperation can we thrive and prosper.

Due to the Spanish Government's failure to properly address these issues, the Security Council hereby calls upon that Government to do the following:

First, this Security Council calls upon the Spanish Government to openly and willfully state that war with Portugal will not be supported or endorsed by Spain.

Second, we call upon the Spanish Government to rebuke calls for war and present itself as an honorable and morally strong neighbor of Portugal.

The edges of the map have been filled in. There is no room for imperialism in this World. Conquest leads only to resent and revolution. Peace and tranquility will lead this World into prosperity and plenty.

PEACE at Home. PEACE in the World.