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Peace eNation's Call to PTO eNorway : Another Disgrace

Day 502, 16:30 Published in Norway Ukraine by Australian Warlord

Quote : "Dear people of Indonesia,

It seems that you have elected your new president. Don Agung will be the new president of Indonesia - currently he has an advantage of 330 votes.

So if you vote in Indonesia your vote will be wasted. Please come and help the Hungarian TO of Norway. The Hungarian candidate is Marginaldefeat, a former ambassador of Hungary in Indonesia."

- - - -

The above was a direct call from eHungary for eIndonesians to PTO eNorway. In any RW situation, those conspiring to rig a election would be in jail, but not here. Instead they are rewarded.

We have here clear organised & official eNation (eHungary) involvement in a PTO, yet nothing will be done. And you made ask who's primarily to blame? I suggest that it's the admins. The admins turn a blind eye to these things, therefore they are the admins doing.

They mightn't of capable of realising this but these things of actions are costing eRepublik money. That's not only because people quit, but it's because many people simply refuse to give eRepublik even a single cent because of these matters. They are essentially hurting their own bottom line.

What you can all do is to send a direct message to the admins & inform them that you'll not put even a single cent into this game until they start dealing with these matters.



Spek E. Sild
Spek E. Sild Day 502, 17:53

Voted. We need citizenship and/or immigration.

Fontenelle Day 503, 01:20

Very interesting, when Romania made TOs, Hungarians asked admins, and they answered that it's a game feature, and Atlantis guys also said that it's a game feature. After Romania conquered with the help of a TO(attack and retreat...) Russia, stole Singapore's treasury, stole Pakistan's treasury and played territory swapping with the help of TOd Pakistan, after Croatia TOd and conquered Serbia, however Spain failed to TO France, now that Hungary realised the power of TOs and started to use it, Atlantis guys started to claim it inmoral.

Anyway you are right, I'm also against TOs, but very surprising that you didn't say anything while only Romania and sometimes Indonesia used this tactic.

DevilTeam Day 503, 01:23

A TO in Norway?! O RLY?! I didnt heard about this 😕

oarecare Day 503, 01:59

agreed.Bann hungarian congressmen and their president :marginal defeat.This will give everybody a lesson about TO attempts.

Fontenelle Day 503, 02:12

Ok, but first you should liberate Russia, because you get their territories with a TO.

oarecare Day 503, 02:22

fonetenelle.Unfortunatly i am not romanian goverment.Agree with you.Because of rusian curency we can win much more.I do not know if you have noticed but i'm angry on all warmongers because they are ruining construction sector.

Mongis Day 503, 02:32

Voted ofcourse.

Fontenelle Day 503, 06:18

If there was no war, earlier or later construction sector would ruin, because a house won't be consumed, it remains in your inventory forever, so construction sector is based on new players.

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