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Peace eNation Call to PTO eNorway : Yet Another eRepublik Disgrace

Day 502, 16:39 Published in Australia Ukraine by Australian Warlord

Quote : "Dear people of Indonesia,

It seems that you have elected your new president. Don Agung will be the new president of Indonesia - currently he has an advantage of 330 votes.

So if you vote in Indonesia your vote will be wasted. Please come and help the Hungarian TO of Norway. The Hungarian candidate is Marginaldefeat, a former ambassador of Hungary in Indonesia."

- - - -

The above was a direct call from eHungary for eIndonesians to PTO eNorway. In any RW situation, those conspiring to rig a election would be in jail, but not here. Instead they are rewarded.

We have here clear organised & official eNation (eHungary) involvement in a PTO, yet nothing will be done. And you made ask who's primarily to blame? I suggest that it's the admins. The admins turn a blind eye to these things, therefore they are the admins doing.

They mightn't of capable of realising this but these things of actions are costing eRepublik money. That's not only because people quit, but it's because many people simply refuse to give eRepublik even a single cent because of these matters. It also limits the number of viable eNations which means that the potential consumer base is reduced. They are essentially hurting their own bottom line.

What you can all do is to send a direct message to the admins & inform them that you'll not put even a single cent into this game until they start dealing with these matters whether it be eIndonesia, eRomania or eHungary.



patti11 Day 502, 16:46

just another group trying to reck the game for others

file under 'calibur'

CheeseBall Day 502, 19:59

Nice article

silentrazgriz Day 502, 20:17

so what? ATLANTIS do it too

Australian Warlord
Australian Warlord Day 502, 21:35

Quote : "whether it be eIndonesia, eRomania or eHungary."

Incase you can't read.

Vincent Grey
Vincent Grey Day 502, 21:45

nice read. good work AW
voted and subscribed

Suntan Day 503, 04:14

lol eRomania and eIndo have political takeover wars now. No need for weapons and defence systems!

CheeseBall Day 503, 07:47

'so what? ATLANTIS do it too'

Romania isn't ATLANTIS, I think you will find the only times ATLANTIS intervenes with PTO is when the country requests their assistance in stopping other countries from taking over them.

I can't really comment on PEACE as I don't know whether their PTO's are individual or alliance based.

Heymans Day 503, 13:49

I'll take that as a quote.

>Romania isn't ATLANTIS,

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