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Day 1,820, 14:58 Published in USA USA by TerminalHunter

At approximately Noon, Day 1820 of the New World, peace had broken out across the eUSA.

Despite the general economic downturn of the country, war efforts were in a slow decline; But nobody could have imagined the true horror that not being able to commit various war crimes and atrocities would bring to them.

Many found themselves in unfamiliar territory, as their daily routines of massacring ludicrous amounts of enemy combatants and civilians were stymied in the outbreak of peace. Others were unable to escape the torture of not being able to torture and have turned to taking their pent up nationalist anger out on inanimate objects or themselves.

Economists puzzled over how to handle the majority of our economy, which is based off of the blood wrought from our enemies and how we could possibly continue this wanton disregard for destruction and mayhem in an already faltering economy.

Many authors and writers also found themselves at a loss, for the normal topics of warfare were suddenly gone from their repertoire and they were forced to come up with clever and original topics to write on that in no way exploited the currently peaceful situation for cheap laughs. This is clearly shown by the sudden flood of poetry in the news today.

The general population is calling for an end to the peace, as many find that they have nothing else to do in their lives besides finding the nearest person they can legally murder. Pressure is being put on the current administration to solve this crisis of conscious as we the people sit here, not clicking on things.

For a bright and bloody future.


And once again, at 21:00 on Day 1821 of the New World....



EnterAwesome Day 1,820, 15:07

Read my article, lol it pertains to yours.

And we wrote it at the same time. Great minds think alike!

HannyaTR Day 1,820, 15:07

peace at home, peace at world. M.Kemal 😮

and also

Q6 Silah Dağıtımı / Q6 Weapons Giveaway

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,820, 15:35

lol v

Candor Day 1,821, 03:05

Awesome article! V

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,821, 03:37

See what happens when peace breaks out? Candor and RGR agreeing on stuff!

Clearly, the only way forward is to cede all power to the SFP...

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,821, 05:23


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,821, 08:34


HEARMERAWR Day 1,821, 15:54


Bucephalus92 Day 1,821, 22:03

Can't believe it happened the second time

Viarizi Day 1,822, 04:35

ask your party congressmen to vote YES on NE Mexico Proposal

SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 08:09

Comment deleted

5440 Day 1,822, 14:49

give war a chance

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