Peace at last?

Day 403, 09:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Peter Steven

Yesterday afternoon, our Prime Minister, Dishmcds, put a proposal before the House of Commons calling for a preace treaty between the UK and France. It was voted on over a 24 hour period and just over an hour ago the motion passed by 28 votes to 6.

With the passing of the motion, a treaty was proposed to France and is now being voted on by the French Congess. While no votes have yet been cast on the treaty with the UK, the French are also voting on a separate treaty with the United States that has recieved 30 votes for peace and just one against. It seems the French representatives are willing to put an end to this war and, assuming the proposal passes, in just under 22 hours (that means at about 3pm real UK time on Sunday) the war will finally be over.

There are still matters to be discussed; namely the independence of Switzerland and the fate of the newly independent Belgian provinces, but hopefully these can be resolved without half of the eRepublik world being dragged into another war. This has been by far the largest and most destructive war the new world has yet seen, and it is with a sense of relief that we can look forward to it finally being over.

So all that remains is for me to give my personal thanks to all those who fought for their country, and for the politicians on both sides who have agreed to put an end to this war.

Also, if you're in the french congress, please vote Oui.