PDS: Final List of Cabinet Members and Updates

Day 1,176, 07:54 Published in Philippines China by Paul Delos Santos

I present to you, my cabinet members for my term:

Vice President: Ernir
Presidential Adviser: Hekter
DoHA Director: Revilo X
DoD Director: Aren Perry
DoD Deputy: Eugene Bautista
MoFA Director: Mr. Knoll
DoF Director: Negosyo sa tao
MoM Director: Mystery Person (Whoever you are)

I know. There weren't any changes. Hehe. Thanks for accepting the responsibility.

As of this moment, peace was declared between Colombia and Philippines. I've talked to their president and we get to keep Caribe e Insular for a few more days then we will return it to them. Stock up your grain reserves. 🙂

Congress members should have received a notification regarding Indonesia's Natural Enemy Proposal against us. Do not worry, as this proposal is just a LULZ proposal. This is not approved by their government and will not pass.

That's all for now.