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Day 2,076, 05:24 Published in Japan Japan by Tomoyuki Yamashita
Dont be a Cheap Ass

If you pay your workers more then 12.5 they can buy more goods from you, and demand goes up. If you keep your workers down, especially new player, they will either stop playing or be hindered by a s&*%$# Market, while you lose money selling cheap ass goods.



synhro Day 2,076, 05:43

Again with the Voters Club? Sheesh..

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,076, 05:46

love you

Hitoyoshi Day 2,076, 05:46

Someone pay for articles, I don't know who is he 😕

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,076, 05:48

not me.

Hitoyoshi Day 2,076, 05:45

I pay my employees (only the young player) 25 jpy 😛

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 2,076, 08:16

I pay the same as I am paid.

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 2,076, 10:53

You should rename this one to: "Pay the voters club". LOL

Sensha Day 2,077, 08:29

Have you ever managed a company?

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,077, 21:13

don't be a chicken

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