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Patriotism, not Politics!

Day 1,903, 01:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Professor Evil

Tomorrow, eUKers will vote om what is widely considered to be the most vital election in the citizen's calendar: the Country Presidents. This month's frontrunners are 5butjam, Alphabethis and Richard Feist, with CptChazbeard stealing the lulz as only a Spamican could.

My first brief endorsement of 5butjam was on party lines, but now it's on personal lines; one citizen recognising the best choice for his country. Butjam isn't ground down by party politics, and he will be focusing his message on the whole of esociety, not catering to singular beliefs or parties.

A core motto of his, Patriotism, not politics! is an important way to summarise his position. The CP should want and be able to act within his/her country's best interests, rather than engage or encourage political point scoring. This is supported by another motto:

Those are two different words there. A politician, by sheer word association alone, is often a self-interested career opportunist that cares more about approvals than acting within their morals and ethics. A statesman is much, much more. If you'll excuse the RL parallels, Churchill was a statesman. Gladstone (the Whig leader, not the guy who writes articles for Cracked) was a statesman. It's a far more noble aspiration to be a statesman than a politician.

A breath of fresh air

Too often in recent politics, the cabinet has been an institution of nepotism and blatant favouratism. Butjam will not only reform the cabinet but is opening fair applications to stamp out any trace of cronyism in this system, as well as the civil service that supports it. Butjam's proposed system of governance enforces the notion that running the country is a collaborative affair, run by a good leader but with opportunities to get involved for anyone with the get-up-and-go to help out.

Cabinet isn't the only way butjam will provide the jaded citizen's lungs with a breath of fresh air. Wartime communication with MUs is a problem that has spent too long without being addressed. Don Dapper recently cited these as a reason why he gave the order to attack Chile (no link, older article, can't find it) and the need for coordination has been commonly cited as a troubling issue. Butjam will address this and the other key issues affecting war performance. Oh, and for those of you that are afraid of a eUK pullout in Norway, rest assured: he treasures these resistance wars as much as we do.

It's the economy, Stu-Pot!

Tax considerations are fimly on the agenda, with a promise of appropriate import taxes to protect British industry without stifling the market as well as low income taxes being offered. Like your money? Sure, who doesn't! With more earned wealth to be left in the hands of the ecitizen in question, you can bank your financial wellbeing on butjam!

These are some of many reasons to vote for 5butjam, but if you're not convinced, I urge you to attend the CP debate tonight! You can find the
details here. I doubt you'll be undecided afterwards.

Vote butjam!



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