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Party President Campaign

Day 1,820, 16:56 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

I, Jmaj have decided to run for party president of the socialist freedom party. I feel like I will take a step further than the current administration

Congress Decisions

As party president I will not play favorites. If you want to run for Congress or run for president you can send me a detailed letter on your experience and background and I will approve. I believe in the principles of our party that everyone should be equal and this is a very fair way. It doesn't matter if you are at level 60 or level 16.

Politics and Persuasion

In the position of the Socialist Freedom Party's president I have to explain my politics. I believe that everyone should be treated equally. The rich should not have to get tax cuts and the poverty-stricken should not suffer. If the rich are 1% of the country but control 80% of the money (like in my country the USA) while we have large amounts of people in tenements we should take some of the money for the rich and make everyone else middle-class. I also believe in universal health care. I would not rage outrageous wars over nothing or very little. I believe in peace and equality. I would cut police and military funding to give to education so kids could stay in school and not go shooting dice and selling drugs. Then, we wouldn't need a lot of cops. I know I cannot achieve this as party president. However,I believe the people i choose to run for our party's offices can persuade the citizens to vote for these ideas.

Recruiting and Growth

Our party is a dismal eight largest out of 10. I believe I can get unaffiliated users of republic to join us through persuasion. I can help the party jump up the ladder to one of the top tier parties. Once we are there people will not overlook us and join us. If I am elected to be the Socialist Freedom's party president, I will surely lead us to that land of greatness.



Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,820, 21:30

Your link from the shout box did not work.

Candor Day 1,821, 03:04

I'll vote for you for greatness.

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