Party For The People

Day 374, 11:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Lee Marshal

The PCP, the most active and dedicated political party in the eUK.

If you are a new citizen, join us, and your oppurtunities may grow wider than you expected.
We have a sense of comradeship, we help each other, we help the people.

If you join the PCP, you will meet great people who will become your freinds quickly. We are a big family. Just because your low level in the party doesnt mean you cant have a say, take part, and help this great nation grow.

You will see recruitment drives like this from all of the parties in the eUK, but the PCP are truly for the people.

So think about it, visit the forums, and join the PCP today!

People for the People:

I would like to honour the following people:

Bremer, for coming up with the name of this paper, the 2nd official newspaper of the PCP,
Kokach, for writing the PCP guide for new citizens,
Not to mention the other deeds they have done within the party.

The PCP are full of citizens who want to make a difference, who help the people, so why not join us, and help make YOUR eUK an eUK for all the people!

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Peoples Communist Party
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