Paranena - Thank you friends and allies

Day 2,766, 13:49 Published in Romania Romania by Ministry of Foreign Affairs RO

Yesterday, we had a really really epic night
and we witnessed some amazing demonstration of friendship from our allies.

The curency poured into the battle was incomparable to the billions of damage from our friends and allies.
So this is our official thank you.

Thank you Serbia for setting CO when we fell asleep on the keyboard.
Thank you China for helping out when we needed CC.
Thank you Argentina for being there with CC and military support.
Thank you Peru for setting that insane CO in D4.
Thank you friends from Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa and Colombia for fighting for us.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that fought and has been there for us
and also a thank you to our foes and enemies for waking us from our slumber.