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Pakistan Army: Guidelines for Soldiers and Future Plans

Day 1,253, 15:19 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Rider of Darkness

Dear Citizens and Soldiers of Pakistan Army,

Before I begin I would like to congratulate everyone who has Joined Pakistan Army and is now a soldier for Pakistan. You country is proud of you. After successful recruiting of Individuals into the Pakistan Army it is time, I would like to issue a few guidelines for Soldiers.

Pakistan Army Communes
Most of you should been familiar with the idea of Communes. For those who are not Pakistan Army will run it's communes in return we will provide each player with food and weapons to fight. You must realize it is expensive to fund everyday with your dail salary in terms of food and weapons working for Pakistam Army Company you will get both.

Join Pakistan Azaad Iron Mine
All soldiers should Report to Pakistan Army's Azaad Iron Mine and start extracting Iron which is essential for Weapons Production.

There are 10 Jobs in the Market for Azaad Iron Mine. Please Take them, once you have taken the job you shall recieve food and weapons daily to fight and live.

If you want to Donate Supplies

If You want to help Pakistan Army and donate us with Supplies which includes (Food, Weapons and Moving Tickets) please donate it to following two accounts.

President of Pakistan (also Vice Chief):

It is preferred that you donate supplies only, however if you are unable to afford quantaties of supply we will be happy to receive any form of contribution to build a strong military.

Pakistan Army Battle Missions

We will try to get daily Missions for Pakistan Army for now we will fight for the countries who are allies of Pakistan and for whome we can fight from our soil. However Director General ISI has been given the duty to look and hunt for countries that me require our services and will be willing to provide us with funds needed to move our troops as well as hi-tech weapons (Q5).

Future Plans

Pakistan Army wishes to Establish a self-sufficent support system to fund our wars and to help our soldiers for this we will invite the team of best Pakistani Business Brains to come together and help us develop a plan in which foreign countries should we create our businesses to earn revenues that will fund us in our future endevours.

Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Pakistan Army

Ahsan Shahbaz
Pakistan Army


Policy Day 1,253, 15:27

Ahsan Shahbaz
ButtSex Group Gay., Pakistan Division

Rider of Darkness
Rider of Darkness Day 1,253, 15:28

Sorry Policy are you mad ?

Policy Day 1,253, 15:35

Comment deleted

Zeeshe100 Day 1,253, 16:00

Long Live ..

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,253, 17:00

did i get in?

Redphienix Day 1,254, 07:00

Prefer the old org for the military. Prefer the old military xD

Will join commune simply for the effort later, already worked today so meh xD

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