Ottawa, we have a problem

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Thereby, I do not mean about fact that the Ottawa Senators finished the season 2018/2019 in the very last place in entire League. I'm talking about a sort of occupation with which a member of our alliance, Canada, met in this great New World.

After the defeat of allies in Canada's original regions, these territories are controlled by members of the CODE alliance - Greece, Turkey, United States, Montenegro and Croatia. Occupation works according to the principle with which we have recently met - in goal of safer and longer-lasting control, Canada is forced to lead some kind of training war. States occupiers mutually exchange territories (in this moment Croatia is conquering Montenegrin Yukon), but also with Canada (United States attacked Saskatchewan, a region controlled by Canada), and thus make difficult potential external action.


An identical fate hit India, also after the defeat of our allied countries in their original regions.

At the beginning it was expected that CODE member countries would not remain in India, as they unofficially announced. When this turned out to be inaccurate, to the question of one Indian official what is going on, our Feynmann gave a brief analysis:

"You seem very TWable"


Another interesting case that I think should be mentioned is Switzerland. This country fought against the Argentine occupation for a longer period of time. In fact, we should be careful with a word "occupation". As in other cases, Argentina only intented to lead a TW. Switzerland strongly opposed this, which we could read about in a series of articles published in Switzerland as in this one.

After a while, Switzerland was forced to the only possible solution - Agreement with Argentina (read capitulation).

The only bright spot

Moldova, of course. This country managed to defend itself against a stronger and by players more numerous enemy - Argentina. If you've missed this, you can read more about this in the following article.

What are we going to do now, Napoleon?

Serbia, which lost its original region - Vojvodina, in the battle last night and today, has already taken some (appropriate?) steps. The population census started in the country and abroad, in order to better organize the army in the future and the survey has been already filled up by few hundreds of players.

Also, the war between Romania and Croatia is expected. Do not miss to fight on the side of Romania in this war.

Xibbard, one of us

Banglades: Tell us about how game and the Netherlands looked like at the time you started playing, what are your biggest successes here and do you intend to return to the Netherlands sometime? Also, I would like to read something from history of the Netherlands what you remember well - as some important and memorable war, some event which marked a certain period, when the community was united etc.

Xibbard: Well, when i started playing we did have Poland that had us wiped for quite some time (a long time to say). We all fought in an organized matter, I was pretty new so I had to learn the basic's first, But i quickly learned how to play, and had my sights on a Food Production Empire (What i now have). I was helped by a LOT of the eDutch players, Very kind, Thought of others first, They Them-self always came second. And i wanted to do something back for that kindness that was given to me, So when i had a good level of food production, I set up a Supply-Program for new players, I would Supply then with Food (Free of charge) So they could fight against Poland. Now Politically i got involved at around the time i had the Supply-Program up and running. (It was a lot of years ago, So i cannot remember everything correctly) I was a Deputy Chairman of Congress once, I quite liked the Political aspect, So eventually i was asked if my program could be integrated nationwide, I said Yes, After that i became Minister of Health (Volksgezondheid), It was a fun time, Trying to piss off Poland, Doing something good for the Community. It lasted Some time,

Then came the Political back-door Politics and all. After that Came the Backstab, (I will not name names here) But some, That were in the Gov at that time, Wanted a TW with eNorway, We had beat the Polish back, And wanted some fun. Well, Then came the Scheming-idea of wiping eNorway for good, I was against, And in a last desperate attempt of stopping it, I contacted a friend in eNorway (Who had moved there to escape the Politic's) And that is how things rolled, Naturally 'Our' Gov didn't liked it when they found out someone spilled the beans. So i went public (Article is still viewable in my newspaper, 'Bombs-away' Was the articles name if i am correct. Then i moved to eNorway, Basicly became a Persona-non-Grata, And started anew here. I became more Politically active here, Gave up fighting, I served in 5 terms as CP here. Also i am the Minister of Immigration, Kinda funny and all (With everything that had happened).

I have been contacted by NoTie and we put our past in the past,

eNetherlands & eNorway aren't so different. so i got used to things here rather quickly (Luckily).

If i would be allowed back into eNetherlands, I don't know if i want to leave eNorway. But I quite love things here, But being RL Dutch helps when I, Possibly, Move back.

Like Tonie sai😛

The past is the past, Zand erover.

True Patriot

We came to the most important part and the main idea of the article - my 96th True Patriot medal. A notification which informing about TP achievement shown up to me first time after 4 - 5 years, for dealing impressive 8,300,000,000 of damage for the Netherlands.


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