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Operation Eagle Rising: The Plan to Save America

Day 2,172, 22:51 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

We are still alive and kicking, much to the dismay of our detractors. Before I discuss our plan to bring our party back to its former glory, I want to let everyone know that because of a dirty plan conceived to have five different candidates nominated by the eUS elitist Politburo controlled parties, it is unlikely I will be on the final CP ballot. Apparently they have "defeated" us, yet want to make sure our party does not have a Presidential candidate, just to be sure. I ask all of our supporters to not vote as a form of protest. Regardless of who wins, the policies will be the same, discriminatory and divisive. Now with most of the Serbian-American community gone, all they have left to fall back on is hatred against those who disagree with them, and a personal grudge against me that has been dragged on for 4 1/2 years. It is sad, petty, and frankly, un-American.

Anyway, let us get to the details of the plan. We still have a sizable number of supporters left, but as you may know our party has been denied any Congressmen for the first time since its inception. We are under fire, but we are climbing back, and we will regain our rightful place once again. I conceived 'Operation Eagle Rising', which all members in good standing are welcome to participate in if they wish, as a way for us to organize together to rebuild. It is going to take committed efforts on the part of a number of individuals in order to reclaim our rightful place as the leading party in the eUSA. It is not easy, and no just cause ever is, but with your help I know it is achievable.

Whether we are the AFA, ACP, or anything, our party remains the same. Many of the people change over time, but our spirit remains the same. What has always drawn our group together is the courage and honor of the individuals who comprise our organization. These are all people who I would want in a foxhole with me in any battle. We know that we are on the side of truth and goodness. We may not be the majority yet, but just because a majority believes something does not make it right, take slavery and abortion for example. There is a moral compass that guides the world, and even the eWorld.

Those who oppress others, who troll, harass, intimidate, and treat those they disagree with with hatred are the true evil doers. The facts remain. It was not our party who taxed the people in to ePoverty. It was not our party who lost an embarrassing war with Poland and then paid them off with our money in a surrender which is arguably the lowest point ever in eAmerican history. It was not our party that made rules that are only followed when it is convenient to them. It was not our party who treated other Americans with hatred and discrimination.

Anyway, on that note I want to encourage everyone to watch this documentary. It exposes the abhorrent cruelty of capturing, keeping, and breeding intelligent cetaceans in captivity(particularly Killer Whales). For example, there has never been a recorded instance of a Killer Whale killing a human being in the wild, and this has happened NUMEROUS times in captivity. It is bad for the animals, and it is bad for the people who work with them. Also, if you are Russian, please encourage your government to return the 18 Beluga Whales being held in a pen in the Black Sea back to their families in the Pacific, and not sold off to aquariums. Not only is this an absolutely horrible thing to do to these poor animals, but the legalized capture of Belugas in the Russian Federation has led to a decline in certain wild populations.



Igoreckkkk Day 2,172, 22:58


Igoreckkkk Day 2,172, 22:59

first 😛

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,172, 23:01


Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,172, 23:07

fried fish 🙂

watch the documentary BB! It is so sad 🙁

Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,174, 21:29

Comment deleted

KaRaBeLa48 Day 2,172, 23:07


shiloh13 Day 2,172, 23:12

Proud Evil Doer
Right here ajay
Oh yeah you no nothing about being in a foxhole clown, nothing.

ComKar Day 2,172, 23:27


Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 2,173, 00:17

wow rgr actually cares for something other than his little internet fiefdom? Who knew

Strahinjic Banovan
Strahinjic Banovan Day 2,173, 02:31

We will rise again, and we will be stronger than ever!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:28

Here's the Constitution, read it!

eUS Constitution
I. Governing Principle:
The two branches of government are the Executive and Congress. The branches conduct themselves based on how they and the Code define their internal and external procedures.

II. Congressional Principles:
1. Congress shall organize itself as it sees fit.

2. Congress controls the nation's money, holds authority and responsibility over allocation of tax revenue, and shall take under advisement expert opinion from the executive and military.

3. Any citizen or organization receiving funds from congress should employ those funds as indicated in the budget or funding request approved by congress.

4. In the case the eUS has no regions and there will be no in game congress, a shadow congress shall be created. Each party will keep the same number of congress members as they received the previous month. The Party President of each non-PTO Top 5 Party will create a list of their members to be given congressional access. Congress will then continue as it normally would.

III. Executive Principles:
1. The country president is the head of state, chief diplomat and Commander in Chief of the eUSA and its armed forces. The President as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces maintains complete control over the Armed Forces. The country president may delegate power to congress or appoint advisers and aides to assist.

2. The country president appoints a cabinet, which administers all national programs which do not fall under the military or congress. Unless directed otherwise, programs created by Congress will transfer to the executive branch once the SoH approves of the transfer.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:30

3. The country president may make proposals to congress which fall under his responsibilities as head of state, chief diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, and eUSA country president, after consultation with relevant bodies within the three branches if necessary.

4. As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the President may temporarily suspend funding of the military.
Congress will then hold an immediate vote, approving or opposing this decision, lasting for 30 hours, where a majority decision is required. The outcome of the Congressional vote determines whether funding resumes.

IV. Military Principles:

1. The military shall be organized as prescribed in the an Appendix titled 'Constitutional Appendix: Military Organization & Roles'.

2. The Constitutional Appendix: Military Organization & Roles shall be modified following identical procedures as a Constitutional Amendment.

The Code of the eUS - Title 1: Procedure
1.1: Quorum

1.11: Definition of a Quorum
A Quorum, the minimum number of votes necessary for any measure to become law whether those votes are “yes” votes, “no” votes, or abstentions.

1.12: Requirement for Quorum to have been deemed reached
Quorum size shall be based on a weekly sign-in thread on the forum. Quorum is then half of the active sign-ins either rounded up to the next integer, or majority+1 where this is not possible.

1.2 Proposals, Votes, and Laws

1.21 Proposals
Before a proposal can be made, a member of Congress (hereafter "member") must pose the subject for discussion and allow 24 hours to pass. The SOH or DSoH may waive this requirement if necessary. Ten members must approve an identically worded proposal for it to come to a vote.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:32

1.22 Voting
Voting on proposals will last 24 hours but may be extended for up to 72 hours by the SOH or DSoH at their discretion. All members may vote. Only votes in the form of "yes" "no" or "abstain" will be counted. Proposals that require a 2/3rd majority in game to execute or Amendments to the Constitution will require a 2/3rd majority to pass. Any member may start a voting thread for a proposal after it reaches 10 approvals. A member may change his or her vote at any time before the voting period ends.

1.23 Becoming Law
If a quorum of votes are cast (see 1.1 "Quorum"), and the required number of votes cast approve, the proposal becomes law. Proposals amending the constitution require affirmative votes that meet or exceed 2/3 of the weekly sign-in thread for the week. The final tally shall be performed by the SoH or a DSoH, who shall announce the final results.

1.24 Resignation of a member
In the event a member resigns from Congress, all approvals or votes made prior to the official in-game resignation shall be counted as legitimate.

1.25 Leadership Nominations and Voting
Voting on leadership positions requiring congressional approval are exempt from the above requirements and will follow the procedures outlined for selecting a Speaker of the House (see 2.21 "Selection")

The Code of the eUS - Title 2 Congressional Structure
2.1: Structure of Congress
The structure of congress shall be determined by the SoH and/or a vote by Congress

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:33

2.2: The Speaker of the House

2.21: Selection
The Speaker of the House shall be selected by majority vote of active Congressmen prior to the expiration of the previous Speaker’s term. It is not required that the Speaker of the House be a sitting Congressman.

A speaker is selected by a vote from a choice of any candidates that receive 5 nominations during the 48-hour nomination period.

In the event of a tie during voting among more than two candidates for Speaker of the House, a new vote shall be proposed including only the top two vote getters from the previous vote.

Should there be a tie between two candidates, the new Speaker of the House shall be the most senior candidate, with “most senior” being defined as that player who has spent the most terms in Congress. In the event of a tie by that measure, the in-game experience of each player’s active account shall break the tie, with the winner being that player with the most experience.

2.22: Term of Office
The Speaker of the House shall serve a term of one (1) sessions of Congress unless impeached or resigns. The Speaker's term lasts from the 30th of each month through the 29th (with the exception of February).

2.23: Powers of the Speaker of the House
The Speaker of the House shall have any powers Congress has granted, as well and any deemed needed for smooth congressional discussion.

The Speaker shall appoint at least one Deputy Speaker and any other positions (s)he deems needed (including another Deputy and Whip).

2.24: Removal from Office by Vote of No Confidence
The Speaker of the House shall be removed from office by a simple majority vote, at which point all appointments made by that Speaker are considered voided, and new leadership must be selected. In order for this impeachment to be voted on it must first be proposed and reach the necessary 10 approvals.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:33

2.25: Removal from Office due to Inactivity
Should the Speaker of the House become inactive for more than 5 days, any congressperson may immediately start a voting thread to impeach the Speaker of the House. 5 days of inactivity is defined as five days without posting on the eUS forums; days when the forums are not accessible are not counted. A simple majority vote shall remove the Speaker of the House from office. The new Speaker of the House shall be the most senior member of Congressional leadership, with “most senior” being defined as that player who has spent the most terms in Congress. In the event of a tie, the in-game experience of each player’s active accounts shall break the tie, with the winner being that player with the most experience.

2.26: Removal Due to Acceptance of a Position in the Executive
If the speaker is elected to the position of President of the United States, the Speaker will be immediately removed from office and the rules in section 2.28 should be followed for the selection of a new speaker.

2.27: Moderation of Impeachment Threads
If any proposal is made to impeach the speaker, the thread will be moderated by the most senior member of congress that is not a Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Whip, President of the eUS Secretary of Defense. The moderator must have logged-in to the forums in the previous 24 hours to qualify. Seniority is determined by number of terms in U.S. Congress. In the event of a tie, the in-game experience of each player’s active accounts shall break the tie, with the winner being that player with the most experience.

2.28: Resignation
Should the Speaker resign, he/she shall appoint an Acting Speaker of the House from amongst his/her deputies. The Acting Speaker of the House shall have all powers and responsibilities enumerated to the Speaker, and shall serve until the next congressional election. A new Speaker will then be chosen by the method established in section 2.21.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:34

2.3: Select Committee on Intelligence
The Select Committee on Intelligence shall be staffed by The President. The Committee must include no less than 5 current Congressmen and the CBO Director(s), as well as the Speaker of the House, or Deputy Speaker of the House, or their acceptable representative, if either can not pass security check. The President or the Secretary of Defense must attain 5 approvals from SCI members before spending any reserves except in an emergency, which only requires 3 approvals. Information provided to the Select Committee on Intelligence should be as detailed as possible. Insufficient information may be grounds for disapproval of the funding request.

2.4: Congressional Budget Office

2.41: Definition of the Congressional Budget Office
The Congressional Budget Office shall execute the will of Congress regarding all expenditures.

2.42: The Director or Directors of the Congressional Budget Office
The Congressional Budget Office shall be overseen by the Director or Directors of the Congressional Budget Office. These Directors are selected by simple majority vote of the current Congress, and remain in place until their removal or resignation.

2.43: Removal of the Director or Directors of the Congressional Budget Office
The Director or Directors of the Congressional Budget Office can be removed at any time, and for any reason, by majority vote of the Congress.

2.5 IES

2.51 Definition of the IES
The IES is the agency charged with regulating immigration in an effort to prevent enemies from gaining citizenship in the eUS and ensuring our own people and ATO voters can enter as needed.

2.52 The Director of the IES
The IES shall be overseen by the Director of the IES. A new Director is selected by a vote from a choice of any candidates that receive 5 nominations during a 48-hour nomination period. Only sitting congressmen shall be allowed to nominate candidates.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:35

2.52 The Director of the IES
The IES shall be overseen by the Director of the IES. A new Director is selected by a vote from a choice of any candidates that receive 5 nominations during a 48-hour nomination period. Only sitting congressmen shall be allowed to nominate candidates.

2.53 Removal of the Director of the IES
The Director of the IES can be removed from his/her position at any time, for any reason, by a majority vote of the congress.

2.54 Regulations for the IES
The IES shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Congress.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:35

The Code of the eUS - Title 3 Oversight and Public Disclosure
3.1: Information

3.11: Budget Allocations
Any budget line holders (Organizations that receive Gold or any currency from the Congressional Budget Office according the US Budget) must, at the request of Congress, submit a report to Congress (or the Select Committee on Intelligence depending on sensitivity). If the Speaker of the House determines that something has wrongly been submitted to the Select Committee on Intelligence, they may move it to the Private Congressional Affairs board.

3.12: Select Committee on Intelligence Information
The Military and President must, at the Select Committee on Intelligence's request, provide the committee with a report on how any committee-approved gold or currency was used.

The Congressional Budget Office must provide the Select Committee on Intelligence with an update on currency and gold reserves at least every week, or as soon as possible after a request from the committee.

3.2: Halting Congressional Funding

3.21: Proposal Presented by Congressional Leadership
The Speaker of the House or Deputy Speaker of the House may, at their discretion, bring a proposal for a freeze in funding before the Congress. This proposal does not require a discussion period.

3.22: Approving the Proposal
Upon that proposal reaching 10 approvals, the Congressional Budget Office is to immediately cease any funding related to that portion of the budget.

3.23: Voting to Remove a Funding Freeze
At any point after the approval process, a full Congressional vote may be started by any Congressman in order to reassess the funding freeze. The outcome of that vote determines whether the freeze continues or if funding resumes. The house cannot revote on a funding freeze for 72 hours after the first vote has closed.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:36

3.3: Removal of the President of the eUnited States of America

3.31: Removal Procedure
Any Congressmen may start a forum discussion on impeachment. This proposal must then follow the procedures described in section 1.2 Proposals, Votes, and Laws. Upon receiving a 2/3rd majority vote, provided quorum has been met, an in-game impeachment may be proposed.

3.32: Penalties for improper procedure
Any Congressman proposing an in-game impeachment without having followed the procedure described in section 3.3 of the eUS Code shall have their forum privileges suspended pending disciplinary action to be determined by the Speaker of the House.

The Code of the eUS - Title 4 Rules and Regulations Adopted by Congress
4.1 Congressional Budget Process

4.11 Budget Requirement:
In accordance with section II of the eUS Constitution, Congressional Principles, which grants Congress authority and responsibility over allocation of tax revenue. Congress will, during its monthly term of office, approve a Budget to be submitted to the Directors of the Congressional Budget Office detailing the weekly budget of any organizations receiving funds from the Congressional Budget Office. The following guidelines concerning the budget exist:

- Congress must vote and approve a Budget Proposal each term, even if that vote is only to reaffirm the current budget.
- The Budget shall be in a format that allows the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to determine which line holders get money and how much they are authorized
- The Budget becomes effective in the next full week after adoption
- The Budget remains in effect until superseded by another Congressional Budget.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:37

4.12 Budget Process:
The Budget Process should begin immediately after the election of a new SOH. Any Congress member may begin discussion on the budget. The first post on the budget must include the following pieces of information:

- A copy of last month’s budget
- The weekly income of the eUS over the last four weeks (or the CBO Directors best estimate)

During the discussion of the Budget, Congress should get inputs from all current lineholders indicating their needs and requirements for next month. The SOH may delay a vote on a proposed budget until all current lineholders have provided input.

If a budget is not passed by the 20th of the month, the SOH may, at his or her discretion, suspend votes on other legislation until a budget is voted and approved.

4.13 Regarding Proposals requiring funding after a budget has been approved:
In the event congress passes legislation funding a program after the budget has been submitted, it will be assumed that payment for that program will begin only after being included for funding in a new budget. At the discretion of the SCI, funding for a newly created program may be temporarily funded using reserve funds following all procedures, guidelines and regulations in place for other SCI requests until Congress passes a budget including funding for the new program.

4.14 Unusual Circumstances:

4.141 Changing the Budget after Passage
Congress may only update and change a budget after final passage if the SOH or DSOH in his or her absence agrees that such a change is necessary. If the SOH agrees than a new budget can be proposed and voted IAW normal procedure.

4.142 Drastic Change in the eUS Weekly IncomeIf the eUS experiences a drastic change in Weekly Income as the result of unforeseen circumstances, (i.e Invasion, Monetary Market Collapse, unexplained admin changes) which results in the CBO unable to meet requirements outlined in the budget, than the Director of the CBO shall reduce all line holders of the eUS

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:39

Constitutional Appendix: Department of Defense Organization & Roles

The Secretary of Defense is a Cabinet position appointed by the President. The Secretary of Defense and his Deputies serve at the pleasure of the President. The Department of Defense shall be led by the Secretary of Defense and his Deputies. The Department of Defense shall execute the orders of the President of the United States and manage DoD orders pursuant to the President’s will. The Department of Defense has authority over all financial disbursements to elements of the armed forces, based on the monthly budget passed by Congress.

An armed forces entity, as used below, is defined as any group of players with the specific purpose of fighting together. This term includes both official military branches and militias alike.

Any armed forces entity wishing to receive Department of Defense funding must apply to the Department of Defense and submit the required information. The Department of Defense will then disburse funding to the armed forces entity so long as that entity is acting consistent with the orders of the President, and providing necessary accountability to the Department of Defense.

In order to be eligible for funding, each armed forces entity must provide current (less than 1 week old) information on the following:

1. Listing of all communes the armed forces entity owns

2. A complete roster, including soldier name, strength and employment

3. Access to live orders

4. Establish daily orders that are consistent with the goals of the United States and the orders of the President.

‘Consistent with the goals of the United States and the orders of the President’ is defined as:

- Directing damage toward battles determined by the POTUS/Department of Defense to be priorities

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 03:40

Access to submitted information will be restricted to Department of Defense personnel, appropriate members of the executive staff, the POTUS and the Select Committee on Intelligence (by request).

The President shall have the authority to constitute and manage official branches of the United States Armed Forces, which will be subject to the direct control of the executive via the Department of the Defense and the Secretary of Defense. Such branches are distinguished from the above “armed forces entities” by their official nature and the direct control of the executive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've added the Code as a bonus.
Now, show me your Constitution & Code!

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,173, 16:05

Most awesome and boring troll ever. Major kudos. A new genre has been born! Next we can copy and paste a few pages from a Tolstoy, or perhaps Das Kapital?

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,174, 23:16

I love you right now lol

jaquanzxcx Day 2,173, 04:22


Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 05:09

Valiant Thor Copy and paste much spam lolz 😛

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 07:43

Read it. tell us what you think should be changed for the better, make some suggestions, give us ideas how to improve it, be constructive.
But please, for f***s sake, stop with the nonsense that you or your party have a superior knowledge about organizing our community, without making any positive contribution to anything! Thank you.

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 10:46

lol never! >😃 i shall never follow your order of reading ur things and i shall never be ur puppet call someone else to read it but we are not ur puppets lol ur the puppet and you will never be puppet master. face it.

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 10:50

if you keep spamming by the way i am gonna report you and also reported for cursing. don't be a naughty boy act nice. now time for me to keep messaging all your members to join us ;3

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,173, 11:06

You're a helpless case, I give up!

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 19:28

it's too late to say i don't want to mess with you anymore... *facepalm* you asked for this now you pay the consequences. your so arrogant ughhhh it makes you wanna snuggle.... 😛

Tiamati Day 2,183, 03:24

Read; seems to be missing a section or two since the last time I saw it... Some section pertaining to 'infrastructural investment' if I recall.

Thank you for posting the majority of the C&C ; why this information is typically secluded away on forums remains baffling.

NueveOcho Day 2,173, 05:09


ElvenCRO Day 2,173, 05:45

RGR ... ..pls

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 10:49

ok he logs out... just log back in... lolz does not seem to be a problem whatsoever. he can do that for you but he will always log back in so keep dreaming ;p

Free Area
Free Area Day 2,173, 07:24

failure after failure

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 10:48

go back to serbia you traitor ;p and stay in serbia haha!

Free Area
Free Area Day 2,173, 11:44

i am in serbia, noob lol

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 12:48

stay there and go into your serbian business. stay out of american business. no one needs more more traitors we already have pfier or whatever his name is so we already got enough unless you want to join him your welcome to try to come to america lol

Waysted Day 2,173, 16:43

You win. you are without a doubt the worst troll ever.

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 19:26

Waysted your calling me a troll... you go around calling everyone a troll now how am i suppose to take you seriously when all you do is go around saying the same thing all over again and again... sounds like your the one who trolls to me

Waysted Day 2,173, 22:58

Comment deleted

Waysted Day 2,173, 22:59

and btw you are the only person i call a troll. cause you are.

Waysted Day 2,173, 23:00

just a bad one. REALLY

Johnvacan160 Day 2,173, 23:15

i can no longer understand you Waysted i am sorry but i could not find a translator for how u speak either o.o

Johnvacan160 Day 2,174, 06:56

Lol.... Later Waysted messages me bragging about how good he is at the game and how long he's been playing [4 Yrs] an original ole stubborn veteran or just a old newbie thinking he is boss of the game if you ask me ;p

Waysted Day 2,174, 12:02

you are very strange. using me as an example wont get you far since i am a nobody. you are less than that. learn your craft or get ignored. your choice.

Johnvacan160 Day 2,174, 13:26

your a nobody all of a sudden O: ooh sounds interesting? so your saying your the ghost guy who does things without getting noticed o.o? your the assassins creed o.o? lol keep acting like a bawz kid 😃 i can tell

Bucephalus92 Day 2,173, 07:31

It would be incredibly interesting to read a psych evaluation of RGR.

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