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Only food fights and here is why.....

Day 1,932, 06:08 Published in Canada Ireland by Technician

As you know most eCountries decided you know Eden is bad, lets start CoT.
..... But CoT is friendly with TWO. Thus we have an evil empire.

We can spend lots of money to fight RWs, but the next day the "Evil Empire" wipes us again.

So until the "Evil Empire", CoTWO is broken I will do only food fights.



Technician Day 1,932, 06:12

As a Marine, we fight for our friends.
The only reason I went to eCanada is to help our friends directly.

..... but the game is so unbalanced now I advise only doing food fights.

onrop Day 1,932, 06:16


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,932, 06:39

Yes. The "final battle" is yet to come, so pace yourself.

Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,932, 06:57


Bucephalus92 Day 1,932, 07:18

Or you could surrender?

Technician Day 1,932, 07:24

No being wiped means eCanada is weaker than a country with 10x the population. Countries like eCanada are not in the wrong, it is CoTWO that is wrong. Anybody that plays with honour never surrenders.

Lucan Day 1,932, 07:49

Till DEATH!?

Bucephalus92 Day 1,932, 08:06

The sooner EDEN dies the sooner the world can realign into a more balanced alliance system, you are only prolonging the inevitable.

The.Puppeteer Day 1,932, 21:40

Comment deleted

Oinyo Day 1,933, 10:15

eCan.. surrender?!? lol.. You do not know us very well do you? 😛

Senor Spielbergo
Senor Spielbergo Day 1,933, 12:28

Trololololo? Oh wait, you're serious? People like you are the problem with this game - you assume that an alliance will come out of the ether when CoTWO is victorious, when they have no reason to, so long as each side sticks to their area of conquest (which, so far, they have). The game is broken atm, and rather than mix it up and be fun, eMerica bent over and nominally allied itself with the Imperials.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,933, 12:53

lol ok sounds good bro, Because its not like this game is cyclical and when one of two alliances dies another rises to take its place...Oh wait, thats what always happens. EDEN is the source of its own suffering. They drove half their own members out by being dicks and now they refuse to recognize that their time is past.

Senor Spielbergo
Senor Spielbergo Day 1,934, 02:19

EDEN is dead, though I am surprised at how long it lasted compared to other alliances. And I would agree to the cyclical alliances point, except both alliances are on the same side. They'll eventually break up, but if we and others opposing CoTWO surrender, it will take longer, thus prolonging the ongoing BS.

Rona1d Day 1,933, 13:10

lol, why CoTWO is wrong? we tried to reach a deal to give back all the regions, and your government, did insults against us, so what do you expect?

Senor Spielbergo
Senor Spielbergo Day 1,934, 01:52

lol..."deal" - rental for our own regions? Pffft.

Dozzer_x Day 1,934, 05:17

As MoFA of Canada since 5 February 2012 I can say that the Canadian Government has never insulted the Spanish people or the Spanish Government.

Stop throwing fallacies, Canada did nothing wrong. It's you acting as false imperialists. Isn't that a bit...against Communism? You seem to be a PCE member....hypocrite.

MonsterX555 Day 1,932, 07:53

They don't have the guts to fight each other. It will mean losing res bonuses etc.

Technician Day 1,932, 08:07

Resource bonuses .... big deal.

MonsterX555 Day 1,932, 08:10

not for Poland. Starting new alliances will bring some life to this game
but TWO countries are just happy to be on the safe side

jaywalker71 Day 1,932, 08:07


Rhodesknight Day 1,932, 11:31


Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,932, 11:44

I am hoping the citizen's of Spain will get tired of playing with us like a cat playing with a mouse. Are they really going to spend months NE'ing us after every RW victory avoiding any real wars?

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,932, 18:52

"Be afraid of the cold, they'll inherit your blood."

The.Dude Day 1,932, 18:07

Your food fights are still more than most with Q7s.

Plugson Day 1,932, 20:56

This sounds like Spanish propaganda encouraging us to stay wiped, or a Sith mind trick.

Technician Day 1,933, 05:13

Luke I am your father.......

We will be free one day.
Just like Germanic tribes chipping at the Roman Empire.

Going to Spain and say here is some money, please keep some Provinces is not right.
Saving for a big push, waiting is the best thing to do.

JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo Day 1,933, 07:47

Sounds interesting - we should look at subterfuge - sponsoring RW's in other territories and taking the heat off of eCanada regions. This is not saying that we give up or try to sponsor several RW's at the same time, but look to liberate other smaller countries to set up a defensive position as it were.

We need a coordinated effort - several RWs/fronts at the same time both for eSpain, ePoland, etc. The problem is that we have one RW and that's the only battle facing eSpain. If we win it, then they fight under the NE - we need to run out the NE and then worry about liberating a region or two. See if they NE someone else and then pounce on the opportunity.

Anyway, likely lost on deaf ears...

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,933, 08:31

Spain will eventually be defeated, keep on fighting Canada ..

Rona1d Day 1,933, 13:12

i'm gonna pay you 50 golds, if that happens xD

Buck Roger
Buck Roger Day 1,933, 16:37

I will pay you 100 golds if it never happens!

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