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One Million Dollars A Week

Day 1,478, 09:58 Published in USA USA by Saphire109
ONE MILLION DOLLARS A WEEK Game Article for eRepublik game
by Saphire109
As some of you might know I am a business driven player. Why?
Well first of all I'm quite peaceful and I learn a lot just from the in game economics. Not all of it can be applied but some of it can.

Ok so here's the One Million Dollars subject. As some of you might know right now the game's economic module is divided into one single state run economy. Some of you might argue that's not quite true but in all fairness let's go over what I have to say shall we?

Players like myself which are purely economic players can make anywhere from 5,000 to 14,000 US dollars a day depending on how much they play. Problem is they usually give up or take the easy route by building a q5 factory to be a commune. Well instead of building a commune why don't you analyze this in a purely economic sense. Work for yourself and buy bread for yourself. Look for high monetary export markets. Me? I look towards Argentina where I can sell food RM at .35 ARG.
How much can you make with that?
Well when you start building up a nice little empire you are looking at serious money. Well over 5000 dollars a day.
Well currently I produce 21,000 RM food units a day which I can sell at .35 in argentina. Money? Sure, 7,350 ARG which I then turn into gold at a 1 gold=1000 ARG conversion scale and then into US dollars at the same rate.
Then easily I can convert that into USD for a clean 7000+ dollars profit a day. I am operating at only 1/3 of my full capacity. At full capacity I should be able to clear a clean 15,000+ a day. 105,000+ dollars a week.
One Million
Suppose that instead of having a massively poor populace earning only 90 dollars a day we have less taxation and incentives to create private businesses. Suppose only 10 people operated at full capacity (if they had 180 Q4 raw material mines or farms) and there were either private or public programs to help people achieve a high investment portfolio? Result: with only 10 people making 15,000+ a day GDP grows by 1,050,000 dollars per week. a day we could match our equivalent ROI (retun of investment) in an economy of 8,800 people in the game.
Free trade and exports will always make more money than state run economies.
Economic specialization delivers incredible success stories
Reduce taxation
This creates an incentive to be an entrepeneur, especially the reduction of VAT taxes
Also, cut down on income taxes to allow newbs to grow more powerfully economically
Educate the people about the inefficiency of communes in general and factories in general. Let's go towards the free market guys. Start thinking globally and we can tenfold our gdp. Really? Yes, free trade makes everybody insanely rich. If I can buy food cheap as heck in eChina why are we even producing them when we could be selling RM to other nations and buying tanks from other nations?


rivere123 Day 1,478, 10:06

Great first article 😃

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,478, 10:10

I disagree, but subbed to see future articles.

JohnKennedy Day 1,478, 10:24

So what exactly are you suggesting?

Saphire109 Day 1,478, 10:31

More incentives towards economically driven players 🙂

Dr.Faustus Day 1,478, 10:40

Great first article subbed and voted.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,478, 10:41

Subbed to see future articles x 2

What kind of "incentives" are you talking about?

Saphire109 Day 1,478, 10:57

Less VAT tax
Donating to new entrepeneurs, help them get started if you have any extra pocket change since they are the future of our economy
Creating business awareness groups to create an incentive for trade

XxBusinessMogulexX Day 1,478, 12:13


CII venom
CII venom Day 1,478, 13:16


Its about time you wrote an article. Just realize this will confuse the crap out of the majority of the people that read it lol.

VinylScratch Day 1,478, 14:32

Voted and subbed. I now demand a million dollars.

cibermau38 Day 1,478, 17:45


Stranger Here Myself
Stranger Here Myself Day 1,479, 01:29

voted, subbed, agreed, enthusiasically seconded

tster Day 1,481, 18:54

If lots of people did this, then the supply would far outpace demand and prices would drop to the floor. Like it or not, the economy of erepublik exists only to support the fighting, which is limited by health/hour

Bilbo24 Day 1,482, 17:57

It didn't con fuse me and I want more money. 🙂 🙂🙂🙂

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 1,482, 18:50

actually tster while you are correct you are not completely correct. while the price you would be able to charge for the product would drop significantly and the amount made per day would also drop significantly. The market would eventually stabilize and come to a normal rate of earnings. Something most likely more beneficial then the commune system. What makes this not completely feasible is the mindset of the players in the game. The players will have to be convinced by seeing a few people succeed before the idea is completely feasible.

luighirep Day 1,490, 00:52

buen articulo.

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