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On the War: From One Noob to Another

Day 1,864, 10:52 Published in India United Kingdom by Cadfan

Hi guys.

First things first, I would like to thank YUUVA and the PP miltiadis1 for allowing me to be a congress member for this term. I am keen to do a good job and make a good impression.

I thought that, having seen much confusion within eIndia as to the current situation with eIndonesia and eCroatia, I would try to clear up some questions based on how I see the situation.

Stuck in the middle

1. Who to fight for in the Indo-Croat war?
The eIndian govt has pledged allegiance to EDEN for duration of war, so we are supposed to fight for the Croatians against eIndonesia, despite our neutrality.

2. What to do in RW on Indian Territory?
If the RW is against Croatia, fight for Croatia as they need these regions to help their war effort against Indo. If they lose the RW, they will lose the overall war quicker.
If the RW is against Indo, you can choose which side to fight for as the government appears not to be taking those particular RWs seriously.

3. If the Indonesians win this war, what will happen to eIndia?
Many Indonesians have claimed that their aims are to wipe Croatia from asia and have no interest in our regions. So there are two ways this could go, either they return our regions or they wipe us. I think they may not take our RWs too seriously in aftermath of war.

So to sum up,
Fight for Croatia in the Indo-Croat war
If RW vs Croatia, fight for Croatia
I am hopeful we will get our regions back if Indo win the war.

Thanks for reading




Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,864, 10:53

Amazing noob \o/

Graf Velheor
Graf Velheor Day 1,864, 10:54


Lonqu Day 1,864, 10:54

Another awesome article! o7

KRAX72 Day 1,864, 12:29

Very good article... voted

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,864, 20:09

you are indeed a prodigy of Alector !!!

Xicor13 Day 1,864, 21:08

We fight for Croatia and hope Indonesia will return us our regions 😛

Am I dead,we fight for Croatia and hope that Indonesia win quickly 😛

Incredible India \0/

kapahii Day 1,865, 23:04


Canester Day 1,865, 23:24

aw come on =="

you still fight against us?? and hope that we will won??

giladahgua Day 1,865, 19:54


Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,865, 22:34

Indonesia will return your regions..believe them like we did.. 😉

dmjcnd Day 1,866, 23:35


India expecting us to return their teritory, but still fight agints us? come on... don't be ridiculous..
let's go, Fight in our side.
Expect the best..

erase croat from eindia..!
Hail Indonesia !

NueveOcho Day 1,866, 03:17

Figth for Cryatia?
No way

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