Old Man Yells at Clouds

Day 5,622, 15:55 Published in Canada Canada by screamingslave

This endorsement challenge has the news filled with spam activity.

I thought I would add some spam of my own. For extra amusement think of ralph or grandpa from the simpsons while reading this.

My cats are neat little creatures. As kittens I set up a baby gate at the top of the stairs, since they couldn't get over it then they never try now. They also don't think they can get onto the counters because the top is slippery and as kittens they would always fall off when trying to jump up. So I can leave food up there and they won't try for it. Speaking of food. I can just leave mine anywhere and get up and do something else and they won't touch it.

Cats can be trained.

Cuter things they do. When they want attention they will reach out with their paw and pet my arm. My boy cat also tries to pet my face. I figure that is because he loves to have his cheek pet. My girl cat talks to me. So if I yell at the tv or some clouds she will respond with her own chatter. But also cats make that trilling sound and if I make it back to her she will reply and we can go back and forth like this making different tones and copying each other for quite a while. The whole time i've had them (2 years now) I always say hello when I see them walk by or whatever. Well just recently I've noticed the girl cat will do the same thing and give a little trill whenever she walks by. The boy doesn't trill as much he mostly has this two tone noise he makes that we call honking. He mostly does it when he knows I'm about to feed him some wet food haha.

They also hunt each other which is hilarious. They will hide behind objects to scare each other so I'm always entertained by one of the two cats leaping across the room at the other, which then jumps itself and runs off haha. At the back door I have a long carpet. Every day I pull it strait and then the cats run at it and bunch it up under the door. They must like riding it thats all i can guess.

I feed them wet food every day at 1800 in the winter and 1900 in the summer. So every day about a half hour before that they will start becoming extremely affectionate. I'll check my watch and tell them it's too early nice try. then they will come back right at the time if I haven't fed them yet and they won't stop purring and rubbing on me and trying to pet me etc until they get fed. They also have a 5 dish rotating auto feeder that goes off at 0800 and 2130 every day. there are two of them and they are off by about 40 seconds. (how long it took me to program the 2nd clock 😛) so my boy cat who is a fat lazy SOB runs faster than any other time when he hears the first one go off, then he sits there staring at the second one waiting for it to also turn exposing new food. Only then will he eat some. every once in a while the boy cat will bug me a bunch and then lead me to the food area outside the assigned times. There is almost always food still in the bowls at which point we have a talk about how lying is wrong, and usually I actually stir the food around in the bowl and tell him nice try though. Every once in a while the bowls are genuinely empty though so its always good to listen when they tell you something.

Well that's enough random nonsense have a great day.