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Oh shit

Day 1,755, 16:32 Published in USA USA by LordRahl2

I have become a minor focus of politics.

Here you go:
I am an admin at the eUS forums (true).
During the Glove administration I was asked by Oblige to provide access to certain areas of the forum.
I asked the POTUS (Glove) if Oblige should have access. His reply was simply this:
"F**K no"
About 10-12 days later I was again approached by Oblige about access.
I asked Glove via PM. (I should have found him on IRC tbh).
Glove did not reply.
Subsequently I logged on to my MU's IRC Channel and requested supplies. I discovered that I was supply banned with a message by Oblige 'find me'.

I was not comfortable with allowing my in game (SF supply) issues to be influenced by my responsibilities as a forum admin.
So I did 2 things:
1) Mentioned this on the forum (both Pig and IS have referenced this)
2) Left my old MU (SF) to join the far superior MU (ST6)

For the Record, to include people like Dru Blood and Piece of Pie (I know who you were), I hold my responsibilities as forum admin in high regard. It is my job to ensure whatever group who wins the vote has the tools to manage the country. It is my job to adhere to the will of the POTUS or respective leader. It is also my job to restrict access if that is the POTUS;s (etc) desire.

I now know Glove had approved Oblige's access. But he did not tell me or any other admin that. If he had we would not have this issue today. But I was still standing on my principles when I denied Oblige access.

The forum admins (me) are far, far, from perfect. But we try hard to provide a secure, open, positive platform for this community and its leadership.

Thanks for reading.



LordRahl2 Day 1,755, 16:37

sorry it is just plain text. Just the facts ma'am just the facts.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,755, 16:41

straight and to the point

I left today. straw. camel. etc.

Vanek26 Day 1,755, 17:04

Sounds like you did the right thing Rahl.

Inwegen Day 1,755, 17:16


Waruda Day 1,755, 17:47

Yeesh, I can understand this. I really can't understand how such events would occur.

Unscrew your headcase Oblooge.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 1,755, 19:57

This kind of stuff is why I haven't bothered with the forums in months.

PigInZen Day 1,755, 20:05

Dell, it's not necessarily about the forums...

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Day 1,755, 23:18

Noooooo Rainy. First War Pig, now Rainy. 🙁

Candor Day 1,756, 01:57

Been there, sucks. You guys do well, in my experience, running the eForums. I'm equally a rules guy, I would have done exactly what you did, wait for confirmation from the horses mouth. Not sure what else you could have done, really.

Oh and I had problems with communication with Glove myself once. Felt rather rude! 😛

Oblige Day 1,756, 10:00

I agree that Rahl's actions were appropriate and have apologized to him over the understanding.

He was not actually supply banned, and the message from the bot also told him that any officer could lift the ban.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,756, 14:45

well, looks like a happy resolution to me

was hoping for fisticuffs

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,757, 04:59

I have been playing this game since 2009 and the eUS Forums was a cesspool of trolls even back then, I even got banned for some months; came back and still the eUS Forums were controlled by the trolls. Back then it was Emerick who had the biggest influence, now it is Henry 'Pfeiffer' Arundel; same troll different name. I have said it before and I will say it again...the bought and paid for eUS Forums have been and will continue to be the worst thing that ever happened to America in this game...

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