Official statement regarding Warbhoy's false claims

Day 4,161, 09:19 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Narodna Banka na Makedonija

Dear citizens,

I'm writing this article as a response to Warbhoy's article claiming us as bullies or aggressors. The article itself is nothing more than desperate way of manipulation in order achieving their goal of distancing proHydra countries from their main goal.

But first, before I start writing anything you all must know who Warbhoy really is?
- Warbhoy is the new account of to us very well known Don Croata. So recently before going to eIreland, he was eAustralian and has by force taken the country in his own hands.

Part of his promises to Australian community

As part of the Australian government, he attacked Indonesia and wanted to force them on an unwanted training war, which lead to answer from Bulgaria and Macedonia in protecting their old time ally and dealing with the aggressors.
I must say that even at this time there were treats from his side that Croatia will come after us and clear us from "his" territories.

After losing that war and gotten erased, he left Australia and it's people to deal with the chaos he has created.

Back to the topic,

I will start from this point

This is nothing more than fake claims and attempts to ruin our name. We are very well aware that this is just a game and we are here for fun, friends and we have never forced anyone on training war, sent ultimatum or showed aggressive behavior. We fight for friends, we fight for fun, for honor, for glory. We fight to show you that besides all the real life issues we are dealing with, we can still pack up a good punch and have some fun in this dead game.

Some short time ago Macedonia and Iran were both sharing regions in Australia for TW. Australia showed interest in giving their regions, which belonged to us, under concession to Indonesia, Lithuania and Iran. We, without any negotiations and as fast as possible freed the regions that they asked for and moved on. However, we didn't notice that "our" new two regions have big determination from previous training war and that we can't continue with the training war there. So I as cp sent message to Lawkee(Australian CP) to find a possible solution. Part of the chats:
Posting as links to avoid reports for revealing private chats

You can see that we kept a friendly talks with Australian government all of this time, we returned their taxes, respected their concessions and decisions.

Second statement regarding their problem with the UK:
-Ireland has been sending NE laws on UK for some time now, based on RL issues. As a currently more organized country, Ireland has been self confident into sending these attacks threatening UK, ruining their TWs and sending ultimatums to take Northern Ireland at any cost:

From this message you can see the cp of United Kingdom asking for solutions since they are getting pressured for a TW that they don't want, which will also affect the currently ongoing training wars between Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

There have also been talks for bringing Lithuania or Iran to the lands of UK recently, which was supposed to be finished soon, but apparently ruined by their ultimatum.

I would come up with more statements regarding their article, but it would just be waste of words, making this article too long. I just want to say that I meant what I said and I said what I meant, so keep seeking shelter under the skirt of your big brother, but remember: the wind blows hard in the lands of the Macedonians!

After this we come to a point where Ireland with a size of an ant tries to bully other countries and write articles positing fake news without any proves. I can just say that what Warbhoy has done as a CP or eIreland is pretty embarrassing and on a low undiplomatic level.

Macedonia officially denies any proclaims for showing aggressive or bully behavior from our side towards any in-game country, regardless of their war perspective, and asks from any country that(if) has felt that way to come up with an official statement proving what has been said, and I as a president will come up with a way to make up for any damage that has been caused.

I hope I will leave you with clear thoughts of what has been going on recently, and that one shameful and perplexing article won't cause a bad mark on our name.

President of eMacedonia