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Official Public holiday

Day 1,826, 01:37 Published in South Africa South Africa by Had3z

As today is my eBirthday and I am the President of eSouth Africa I will announce today day 1826 as a official public holiday!

So go out and have a great time!



Ejdatful Day 1,826, 01:47

Happy B'day

WastelandENT Day 1,826, 02:51

Voted! Happy eB-day!

Badger06 Day 1,826, 02:57

happy bday

Skiet111 Day 1,826, 02:58

Happy B-day!!!! 3 BH for your day with a 4th on the way 😉

GreyHunter Day 1,826, 07:28

lol.. dont you love power.. can make things happen..

Rexdeus Day 1,826, 07:39

Congrats Had3z, hope you had a great day, wish you only the best for the next year!!

AdUnit Day 1,826, 07:46


RaviMirza Day 1,826, 09:41

voted o7..

MoFA eIndonesia organized a game for International eRep players:

=== Spread the Words !!! ===

Nickerball Day 1,826, 10:52

Happy b/day Had3z and thanks for the holiday

kuckuck Day 1,826, 11:19

Have a nice day

Lord Elrond Hubbard
Lord Elrond Hubbard Day 1,826, 13:03

Happy Birthday! Have this song:

Wacky368 Day 1,826, 22:09

Happy birthday Mr President

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,826, 22:47

Happy Birthday!

Brenda Black
Brenda Black Day 1,827, 23:07

Happy Birthday!!

Krimpie Day 1,827, 01:06

Mag jy so oud word dat jou balhare jou spore doodvee eendag

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,827, 06:53

Happy b-day Had3z! Have a good one mane : )

PeterJ13 Day 1,827, 09:07

Happy Birthday

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