Of Mice and Yen

Day 718, 08:32 Published in Japan Japan by Tanaka Fujimori

Dear citizens of eJapan,

Since there are no guarantees that the investigation will result in the restoration of the funds taken from the National Bank of Japan and the military, let's pitch in to help rebuild the treasury. When eAustralia had a similar incident approximately two months ago, the admins blamed the executive for poor password management and the funds were never restored.

We have been assured by the President of Japan, Dokomo, in the Jump-Start Japan thread on the forums that the National Bank of Japan account should be secure. Approximately seven hours from now, a proposed law will transfer ¥7,500 to the bank.

We have identified two ways you can contribute:

a. donate directly to the National Bank of Japan; or

b. wait until the yen is offered on the market and then buy up what you can afford.

While some of us concentrate on getting to the bottom of the theft, others have to keep their eyes forward and help steer the country on the right path. Even though there is no money in the treasury, there are things that still need to be done to help make this game enjoyable for all players. We do not want to stagnate nor establish policies that will isolate us from the rest of the world.

It is the sincere wish of this citizen that members of congress will lead by example and put aside their differences for a common cause. Perhaps, by reason or circumstance, this is the first trial that the current administration will need to face. Please help if you can! Even a little bit counts.*

For a better tomorrow,

*For the record I donated five gold pieces to start things off. 🙂