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NZ ARMY - COT mobile forces

Day 1,817, 11:15 Published in New Zealand Denmark by Ana Zla Mackica

new avatar unit. o/



Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,817, 12:49

ahhaha LOL

stop please 😃

Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,817, 12:58


Dizzy Ramone
Dizzy Ramone Day 1,817, 13:00

it truly is the best uniform for this MU xD

EDMONDTOT Day 1,817, 13:04


Ana Zla Mackica
Ana Zla Mackica Day 1,817, 15:03

Dizzy tnx xD

DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,817, 15:04

Hahahhaha NICE ONE! xD

Crusadercarl Day 1,818, 01:56

That's awesome, nice work:)

sawone93 Day 1,818, 05:05

so much effort put into it \o/

Ruprecht Kroenen
Ruprecht Kroenen Day 1,818, 13:05

Живо срање.

SrpkoBre Day 1,818, 13:31

hahahahahaha ojsa

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