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Now is not the time to stop! Now is the time to fight!

Day 604, 17:51 Published in USA USA by GiseWindblade

We are going through very dark times. As a nation we stand. resisting the evil at our door. Fighting to the end of the day. Alaska is being invaded and as of now PEACE is winning. We recently took a big hit as UK betrayed us and join PEACE.

Times are dark. We face the first real threat to our home. They invade us with goals unknown. Our friends stab us in the back. Though things look bad now is not the time to stop! It is not the time to surrender! Now is the time to FIGHT

Now is the time to awaken the America that has so long been sleeping. We are a nation of great power! We are the last true threat to PEACE, and now they come. Angering us, trying to awake the sleeping giant. To bring forth the beast that can destroy them! And they are trying to slay this beast! If a fight is what they want a fight is what they will get!

I have drained my paycheck and wasted my savings to supply moving tickets and guns to other citizens, and now it is time we put them to use! We must drive Russia out of our home! Push them from Alaska! We must fight for our friends! We must push PEACE out of Canada and halt this invasion!

America will not let you invade us! We will fight! No matter the consequence we will fight! Our economy may be trashed due to this, but we fight on! Our infrastructure may be burnt, but we fight on!

Through loss or victory, Through snow or hail, in death as in life, we will fight! -Wealth and Power
So Bring on the big bad trolls! -Wealth and Power



Sulvor Day 604, 18:12

Hazaa!!! 😃

baldpiggy Day 604, 18:49

we will crush the peace invation, then bring this war to there own soil

Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker Day 604, 20:18

Voted up for truthiness!

Kirian Anonovich
Kirian Anonovich Day 604, 20:39

UK isn't part of FORTIS and never was. They aren't traitors.

FANTOS Day 1,413, 14:49

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