November's elections coming soon

Day 714, 07:26 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We are fast approaching a new Presidential elections day. We have seen many well known, experienced candidates, as well as courageous new-comers. We would like to wish all of them good luck! These elections are particularly important, because this month's winners will be the first that will have to deal with the new Alliances rule. We are confident that new Presidents will carry us all towards a new era of eRepublik. An era in which we move from cold wars to genuine face-to-face wars. For more information about this change you may wish to read the message posted on the forum(It is quite in depth). Some citizens have asked that the new Alliances price rule should also take into account the “age-old-activated MPPs,” which creates inequality among different countries given the increased price. We are working on this, and very soon a decision on the matter will be made public in a future Insider.

Yesterday was a very busy day. After a series of consecutive losses, PEACE decided to launch a massive attack against Croatia as the main target, as well as other countries. Of course, almost immediately Resistance Wars started to pop-up everywhere, and also some regions started to 'dance'- being attacked and retreated from strategic purposes. The countries involved in yesterday's wars were: Serbia, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, UK, Latvia, Croatia, USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Greece. And of course, their allies fighting through Alliances. Croatia secured all of it's under siege regions, as did Greece; however Finland lost a few regions.

Maintenance announcement:
On day 716 of the New World, the eRepublik servers will be taken offline starting at 04:00 AM (eRepublik time) for approximately 1 hour, due to a scheduled maintenance.

The eRepublik Team