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Day 2,344, 06:17 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Innocent Killer

Asslam o Alaikum

I don't know what i'm writing. Yesterday my fingers felt urge for log in again. I left this world on 5th Feb. 2013 due to RL issues. I was just a common player. I rejoined it on 20th April 2014. Now i m unable to visit IRC channels. I tried #pakarmy but it was last used on 12th April. I don't know if commune systems are available or not. I was working for raao bhai at that time. If there are any then kindly tell me. I don't remember the most detail.
I downgraded my training grounds, sold my companies and transferred that gold to a friend before leaving. I need to upgrade at least first training ground, if someone can help then please. I ll return u that gold on priority basis.


Einstien Juniar



kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,344, 06:32

Welcome back. I am broke after the war but ill see what I can do to help you.

Zeeshe100 Day 2,344, 12:22


Zeeshe100 Day 2,344, 12:22


Waruda Day 2,344, 14:35

Welcome back

somaka Day 2,345, 11:49

Welcome back bro, let me know if I can help you

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