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Nos Populus: Quaeritur Potestatem

Day 1,902, 10:52 Published in USA USA by Drew Blood

Revolution ~ The Beatles

This is your intrepid reporter coming live from the corner booth in the rear of the Big Bang Burger Bar, not far from the end of the Universe, reporting for the Nos Populus....

Jude Connors ~ Hippie Extraordinaire

I must begin this rant with a deep bow before and with my deepest apologies to a former citizen I admired greatly, eRepublik’s resident Hippie from whom I stole the patter; I just hope he is out there 2-clicking somewhere and sees it (no pun intended). I sometimes wish he would return, so many old time citizens have returned of late; strangely it seems always around the times of great peril in America and strangely always on the side of the current government. They return to rally America around the call to duty (pun intended) and then disappear, never to be heard of again; you must sometimes wonder, “Who bought that persona and who was it really running IES? or the CIA? or etc...etc....’

Ours not to reason why, ours is but to continue the lie...

I have demonstrated over and over using their own words and actions how the Pfeifferist treat any citizen who has the nerve to actually participate, demonstrated that everyone of them are vicious bullying trolls who ganged up on Jason Statham Jr; asking questions of him that not even Henry Pfeiffer Arundel is willing or even capable of answering. I have reworked the questions that Henwee asked Jason Statham Jr. on the eUS Forums, Henry Pfeiffer Arundel’s questions may be found here; so that citizens may scrutinize my reworking of the questions. Henwee please pull your head out and answer the following questions, if you would be so kind Mr. Arundel; that is if your eye will stop twitching long enough.

1) What is your response to the statement that you cannot guarantee that the polls the eUS Forum runs are any more secure than any other polling system?

2) Given that you should choose to accept that fact, and not dispute that the eUS Forum polls are as completely insecure by nature as any other method, are you now willing to scrap (along with the internal manipulation of) the 'Unity Method of Selecting Presidential Candidates’?

3) If you choose not to accept the above fact and push forward with the idea that the eUS Forum Polls can be made secure and that the people can not be trusted to make informed decisions on things as important as who we go to war with, why, and when, can you please explain why you continue to hold the position that American Citizens can not be trusted? Where is the proof that the eUS Forum Polls are secure?

4) Is your socialist campaign platform so important to you that you will ignore the fact that there are a myriad of different ways to rather easily and reasonably educate the citizenry, Hadrain X’s Empire News Network (ENN) being just the latest prime example -the AMP and Fed Forums being another; will you educate the citizenry which would allow them to vote on Congressional matters well informed and with full knowledge of the background or will you continue Dictating failing policies?

So there you have them, essentially the same questions you posed; will you ignore this article and call it a troll -will you call me names? My money is on you running, but MOF I hope you do not, as it will only highlight your bullying trollism when you run home to hide behind the skirts on the eUS Forums. Be sure to read Henry Pfeiffer Arundel’s questions here, be sure to bring your beer and popcorn; I have a feeling the floor show will be entertaining to say the least.

Give me Liberty or give me answers....

America please pay close attention, you will see neither article nor response to my challenge; the Pfeifferist and especially Henwee will remain silent -their only words uttered in total secrecy, ‘But Mein Fuhrer, he is only one citizen with no power who wears a tinfoil hat; who would believe such a fool and his wild accusations?’ Many times I have stated the opinion that Henry Pfeiffer Arundel seldom appears in eRepublik, rarely writes anything at all and when he does it has nothing to do whatsoever with eRepublik -or to win another BH medal; so please do not hold your breath while you wait -you’ll only turn blue.

America, how much longer will we allow such intolerant vicious bullies from foreign lands to continue urinating on our heads and calling it rain; ‘green card’ Americans who wish to stop other ‘foreign citizens’ from gaining citizenship. Americans of foreign birth who have once again driven away from eRepublik a citizen who took part; driven away because the citizen stood against the Pfeifferist and was running for President -I call that exclusion.

I now turn it over to the American Citizens, who Henwee thinks are untrustworthy for questions; be careful everyone redaction ahead...! My suggestion America is to do something about it, get out and vote; or like me vote just before server roll over and only if the AFA candidate is winning. My suggestion America is to join the one party that believes in playing eRepublik, the one party who believes that ‘in game’ mechanics should rule, not meta game role playing backroom deals. My suggestion America is to push one more button today and join the party of inclusion, join the We The People party. Most of all America I suggest you ask questions, lots and lots of questions; a whole cluster f....

...and with a Kaepernick, a tip of his Aluminum Hat, a sudden bang and a blinding flash of green light the Stoner in the corner back booth eating a burger disappears....

'What we do in life echoes in eternity.
Strength and honor.'
Maximus Decimus Meridius

Order of the Black Shamrock
Unites States Air Force
6th Air Squadron
1st Fighter Wing
'Green Lantern Flight'



Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,902, 10:52


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,902, 11:16

No Vote
Bitching about Pfeiffer and co is getting old (even though you might have a point partially).

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,902, 12:23

...they all expected JSJ to answer, not just Pfeiffer; this has never been about Pfeiffer the RL person -it's about the GL Persona and company who America has to put up with that counts....

PigInZen Day 1,902, 13:28

You know that most of them don't like Pfeiffer, right? RIGHT?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,902, 13:36

...and yet they do nothing about it, the very citizens who could solve the problem; turn a blind eye.

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