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Nomination for congress

Day 1,512, 13:05 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

It is that time of month again when the party's choose candidates to run for congress on behalf on the party. As you may now know, it is a time when new people rise up in the face of power, and take control of the power. But power isn't just given, it is awarded, received, taken, etc. So, on behalf of me and with the help of the PnPp, inwish to run for congress on behalf of the party. If I can, it will be great. See why I want to do this is that I wish to lead this country to a brighter future, a more visual, colorful, and bright future for this island nation. One thing also is I will represent the country by serving the people when needed. You might ask, why help the people? Aren't they suppose to help you? No, I now refer to an old English Philospher named John Locke. He came up with four ideas, but in this article, I will be talking about the first two

Natural Rights
Role of Government.

Natural rights are rights we are born with. John Locke mentioned three natural rights we are born into.
As congressman I will make sure these rights aren't taken away form the fine citizens. Cause natural rights can't be taken away, no matter what.

The role of government is simple as by John Locke. He came up with a give and get scenario between the people and government. The people give up doing whatever they want, and in return, the government gives protection of the people's natural rights. As congressman, I will fulfill this role and protect the rights listed.

Thank you NZ

Please sub and vote.



Oboacer Day 1,512, 13:10


The PP race has to be decided first and then the new PnPP leadership will figure out the Congressional team.

However...I'm extremely happy to see that you will be putting your name forward. Our party would love to have you in Congress mate!

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,512, 16:21

Best of luck Naxhi26... if selected, you will make a fine congressman for eNZ and the PnPP!

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