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No More employees for rubber plantations

Day 1,899, 05:20 Published in USA USA by jkeller4000

it is no longer economical to higher employees for rubber plantations
400 weapon raw materials at market .03 =12 dollars
employees cost 15.5,

quality 6 weapons is the way to go now,

960 raw materials plus $15.5 for employee= $44.3

44.3 /16 =2.76 and they are selling for 2.78, but that is only a profit of $0.32 per worker. ohh i forgot about taxes 🙁 so i guess this way does not work. tax comes out to about .33 so these are break even at about 2.80 🙁

so maybe quality 7 will be the best! unless we can get workers to work for 12 dollars! but I do not see such a change happening quickly!



JaFe Day 1,899, 11:10


Sozo Day 1,899, 11:59

That lasted, what, a day?

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