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Nigerian Landrush

Day 2,371, 12:08 Published in Canada USA by tword pete
Free land?

Fresh start?



Booleus Day 2,371, 15:24

what about cuba eUs doesn't need any more allies on their borders.

tword pete
tword pete Day 2,371, 18:21

good strategy

Kaminarinote Day 2,371, 12:27

This article has four words in it, not two.

No vote. Unsubscribed.


tword pete
tword pete Day 2,371, 13:00

okay, fixed

tword pete
tword pete Day 2,372, 11:28

55,000,000 eNigerians? o_0

Deltapig Day 2,372, 17:52

I spent a week in Nigeria. More like 55,000,000 flies. I thought Australia was bad.

dscape chaos Day 2,372, 14:40

Comment deleted

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,373, 20:37

who in his right mind would voluntarily want to live there??? v+s btw.

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