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Day 2,162, 00:39 Published in Australia Australia by Nicky6Fingers

Friends, I come today with exciting news! Too long has our nation gone relatively election less, the last being Flatty’s first term almost 4 months ago! But this coming month I will rectify the situation! If Mick Gatto chooses to once again run as Prime Minister there will be a challenger! And that challenger will be me.

Yes after now a total of 6 people asking me when I will run I have finally chosen now as the time for me to have my first CP run. Of course I have toyed with the idea since the end of Flatty’s 3rd term, but instead choose to wait and let Mick have a month in the sun. And now is the time that I try to once again rise to the occasion! These last few days have put on some strain between me and Mick but I hope they we will push through them as we always have!

So just so I am clear in this whole thing, I hereby declare my intent to run as your country president in the month of November. I will be releasing a cabinet article as well as a “what I want out of the term”, as well as another article in the next few days so keep an eye out for them! I have already sent out cabinet requests too some people and I am currently waiting on some responses so I of course do not want to make anything official until I am sure what will be happening. If you wish to apply for anything shoot me a message and I will respond as soon as I can!

I am also currently in the process of opening up communications between all of the parties, as well as their leaders in a effort to let them have some kind of forum to ask me questions. Although I may not have a official article up yet I do know what I want to accomplish. And if any citizen happens to have any question they can either send me a message in game, or they can find me in #Ausrep which I am ALWAYS on (may be away but send me a message on there)

I Still Remain,
Your Humble Servant,


Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,162, 00:47

Good luck mate \o/

AugustusX Day 2,162, 00:50

Our saviour in this time of darkness.

T. B. Hat
T. B. Hat Day 2,162, 00:52

o7 Good luck Nick!

infin Day 2,162, 01:06

good luck

Icetek Day 2,162, 01:07

Sorry Nicky but your loyalty is all over the place, and you choose to side with cheating, manipulating idiots. You will not win.

Noodles84 Day 2,162, 02:00

Well thats it icetek's called it, might aswell not even bother running

Bree K
Bree K Day 2,162, 05:27

some of Nicky's choices haven't been great but no need to be nasty Mr Icetek.

Icetek Day 2,162, 20:07

Wasnt trying to be nasty if thats how it came off as. But i am right tho, he has jumped ships 3 times in 2 month, and decided to fallow Flatty who most likely stole from eAUS as it is.

Says a lot about Nicky, and we are suppose to trust him when we all know Flatty will more then likely be in his cabinet, doing the same shit all over again.

Anyone who has some intellect can purely see how Flatty abused his position as CP and gain followers. Flatty used ARP to become CP, milked it for 3 months and all of a sudden makes a new party? I mean i bullshit, but even that is too much.

Fidel Castro died
Fidel Castro died Day 2,162, 01:54

Good luck! o7

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,162, 02:20

Voted. Good luck Nicky.

Skraus Khan
Skraus Khan Day 2,162, 04:07

Good luck Nicky!

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,162, 05:07

Good luck Nicky. Of course I will be standing against you and look forward to it.

Bree K
Bree K Day 2,162, 05:24

you're a good guy Nicky6fingers hope you understand my loyalty is to Mick and Oz but wishing you my friendship

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Day 2,162, 05:30

good luck nicky! 🙂

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,162, 05:41

Yer you have my vote. Its good your remaining friends with mick. Unfortunately I personally will never get a friendship with mick back and it saddens me that we fight considering that. anyways, GOOD LUCK

Nicky6Fingers Day 2,162, 09:15

I've learned long ago take nothing to serious in this game...everyone here has been mad at each other now and them

Crusadercarl Day 2,162, 21:57

You were a great Minister last month and I know you fully deserve a shot at CP. Good luck.

roboz Day 2,163, 02:30

Good luck mate o/

venja Day 2,163, 07:01

I will setting up APP's public forum discussions for all CP candidates, straight after Senate elections.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,163, 19:06

At maximum there's only going to be 3 candidates supposing Majester is going to run. If he doesn't contact you, give it to Nicky by default because I do not want, nor will I ever seek, APP's support.

venja Day 2,164, 03:40

I am flattered you even considered it

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,164, 03:44

I didn't consider it in the slightest. Just wanted to make it clear.

Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 2,163, 07:56

We want Nicky10fingers

Schoft Day 2,163, 22:18

10 fingers in the cookie jar?

Blackwood.285 Day 2,163, 10:56

Good luck mate!🙂

Herzsprung1 Day 2,163, 19:54

Good luck Nicky 😃 you have my vote

Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy Day 2,164, 00:11

Good luck Mr 6Fingers. Although I only count four fingers and a thumb on your right hand, you have an honest face and look like a worthy candidate to me.

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