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NFL Honors Awards Predictions

Day 1,899, 21:54 Published in USA USA by USMarineCorps

My NFL Honor Award Predictions

Rookie of the Year:
Robert Griffin III, he had a huge year with 3000 yards passing, 800+ rushing, and led the league in average yards per carry. He may not have gotten far in the playoffs but that's not what it's about - and he was hurt during the lader parts of the season so... Anyway it's him if the fans weren't voting but since they are... He'll barely beat Russell Wilson.
Adrian Peterson, and why not? He had one of the best seasons a back could have! He came only nine yards short of the single season rushing yard record. Nine yards. WOW. He also is coming back from surgery, and that makes it even better. The only other competitors are Peyton Manning and like nobody else. So AP will win by far. What happened to QBs winning every year?🙂
Comeback Player of the Year:
Well let's see, if he won MVP he better win comeback player too, Adrian Peterson.

That's all I'm making predictions for cause those are the big ones.



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