News from our Enemies - Foreign Office Article

Day 4,372, 02:30 Published in United Kingdom Spain by MattScazza

Happy Weekend everyone!

One of my tasks given to me by our CP Humphrey was to scout the international airways and try to intercept some interesting news from around the eWorld. I thought I'd start my weekend off with a coffee and writing an article rounding up what I've discovered from our nearest and dearest enemies. Chile and Hungary.

Links to the full articles I extracted information from are below but a Quick round up of the essential info is as follows:


Hungary are anticipating 2 events coming soon, 1 for Erep's Birthday and 1 for Black Friday. They are advising their citizens to stockpile Food and Weapons in anticipation for a spike in price, either so that they can profit from this, or, just stockpile essentials before it costs them more. Seems like decent advice to me, so I would say to any eUK players to do the same if they have any spare CC kicking around, careful not to go overboard and crash the market for others though!
Hungary are also looking to strengthen their membership of CODE and become even more active militarily, so sorry folks, doesn't seem like they'll be letting up anytime soon 🙁


Chile are also advising citizens to get ready for the anticipated events.
They seem to be running "Tournaments" for their citizens to encourage ranking up.
They have a scheme where citizens pay for a pack, 'Airman' or 'Rifleman', Airman costing 5000cc and Rifleman 6000cc, in return players are supplied with daily 'kits' in return for following government attack orders.
Airman pays out 500 free food daily
Rifleman pays out 350 free food and 7 Q7 Weapons daily.
Most worryingly Chile are also looking to expand militarily, with the plan to find more training wars, so that Chilean players have more chance of Battle Hero Medals.

To round up, both our enemies seem to be very organised with schemes to encourage their citizens to fight and both are looking to increase their military activity. My opinion is that the only way eUK can pull itself out of the dirt and even begin to put up a decent fight against these invaders is through help and support. I believe we should be looking to reach out to the eWorld and extend a hand of friendship to any country sympathetic to our cause who would be willing to sign Mutual Protection Pacts with us, this potentially leading to future Alliance membership. I will be doing all I can to improve relations with other eCountries and to convince the rest of the Cabinet that this is the best path forward for our nation.

Have a good weekend all and don't forget to claim the Weekend Packs of your military Units and fight hard!