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Newcomers Ultimate Strategy Guide

Day 1,959, 07:05 Published in United Kingdom Greece by Lord Rupert Everton III
This guide is made by Lord Rupert Everton III, if you wish to copy it, at least message me first.

Hello everyone, I'm following this strategy myself and receiving good results. So I decided to share it with everyone...

Let's start explaining.. ah, I named this strategy "Baby Tank".

First: It's only for newcomers! And highly recommended for gold buyer newcomers. Very simple, it consists in not gaining experience, not leveling up and not going to higher divisions. Train as much as possible.. You get strength daily. When you reach level 24, you will have around 15000 strength. Can you imagine that? First division with 15000 strength? You will probably gain a lot of battle hero medals (gold). But you have to respect some rules..

Rule 01 - Don't gain experience! Also know as: don't fight, don't work in your own companies, don't finish missions that give experience.

Rule 02 - Upgrade your training grounds as much as possible. Higher strength/day = better results (however wait for 45% training upgrades discount). Fight until you reach level 5 to buy the starter pack, then upgrade your free training ground to q2!

Rule 03 - Open a rocket factory! This is your main weapons on division one. 100k influence daily with no experience upgrade and at a low cost. It's only 10 gold! Rockets are your only way to get BH's on lower levels.

Rule 04 - Choose wisely the battle you conflict your damage in. Never fight in big countries' battles! Someone with higher influence will "steal" your medal.

Rule 05 - It's highly recommended that you buy special packs (starter pack at lvl 5 and combat stash further). They givee you gold and massive damage weapons at low cost. Bazookas are great, they give you rank points earlier ingame. Nice damage upgrade for babies.

Rule 06 - Save your energy bars and gold! Use gold only for training and buying factory. Save your EB's for later ingame.

Rule 07 - Be prepared for discounts. If you have full q4 training ground, go for training 90% discount (you'll save a lot of gold). Read this!

Rule 08 - (and the most important rule). Socialize! This is the best way to get out of boredom! Join the forums, IRC and make a lot of friends. They are the gasoline for your engine!

After that, I think you will be able to start the "Baby Tank Strategy"! I hope you enjoy the game. Any questions don't hesitate on sending me a message.

King Regards,
Lord Rupert Everton III


Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,959, 07:07

first secured.

Gumper Day 1,959, 07:18

you are going to need a lot of patience, but for sure its the best way to start, and with that maxhit you can win easily bhs in d2 whan you get there

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,959, 07:23

yes gumper. but lots of fun. You need to snipe your hit well to get bhs daily..

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,959, 07:18

Nice guide for the nublettes!

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,959, 11:34

Be careful with Training Discounts, they aren't always worth it.

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,960, 03:37

thank you mr emergy

Dont be this girl on the 6th

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,960, 06:28

Surely lvl 1 rockets only give 50k and you can only build one a day?

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,960, 06:29

nope my friend. You can build 2 in a day.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,960, 06:33

It's been a while since I've been in div 1 but I've only been able to build 1 lvl 2 rocket a day. Maybe there's more leeway with div 1

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,960, 06:38

Oh, that's interesting. The wiki says you can build two rockets daily from Q1-Q3. That must have changed relatively recently as it used to message me before that I could only build one daily. Looks like I'm going to be building two daily in the upcoming war!

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,960, 06:39

yes liam.. you can build two by day. but you can only stock one. just make one > use then make another > use.

myheadstone Day 1,960, 06:41

V&S wish i had this when i started.

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,960, 06:44

yes. shout that please. let the nublets know that 🙂

Lord Rupert Everton III
Lord Rupert Everton III Day 1,960, 07:08

you again with that Boromir thing lol

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