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New Year Giveaway Answers

Day 1,889, 08:18 Published in Philippines Philippines by Vincenzo Roque
This is a part of my series of articles in my New Year Giveaway. To know more, read this.

Here are the answers to the thirteen questions of the new year giveaway:
What year is supposedly the end of the world according to the misinterpretations of the Mayans' calendar?

ANSWER: 2012
Gotten by:
kmm225, kadayao, Al Raposas, svetljo stefanov, Boy Pick Up
Let X be the answer in the first question. Let Y be the remainder when X is divided by 1000. A famous Christmas song has the number Y in the title. How many birds were mentioned in the song?

Gotten by:
kadayao, svetljo stefanov, Boy Pick Up
Let X be the answer to the second question. Let Y be 12 times X. What date in real life will Day Y of the New World fall? Write your answer in mm/dd/yyyy format.

ANSWER: 12/6/2013
Gotten by:
kadayao, svetljo stefanov, Boy Pick Up
Let the answer in the third question be ab/cd/efgh and let X = (a+b+c+d+e+f+g)/3. In other words, let n be 1/3 of the sum of the digits of the answer in number two. What percentage of seats did KMP get in the Xth Philippine Congress?

ANSWER: 27.50%
Gotten by:
Let X be the answer to the fourth question. Let Y be 1 - X.
If 2012 grams of ethane is combusted with excess oxygen, with a percent yield of Y, what (with quantity) will be produced?

ANSWER: 4279 grams of CO2 and 2626 grams of H2O
Gotten by:
no one
Let the gases produced in the fifth question be put in a container with volume 2012 L. If the temperature is 12°C, solve for the pressure in the container.

ANSWER: 2.8 atm
Gotten by:
no one
A gvuvuoyu is a fictional animal with circulatory system similar to that of a human's except that it has an average pressure of X, where X is the answer to the sixth question. If a gvuvuoyu is being traveled in an aircraft accelerating upward, solve for the minimum acceleration for which the blood supply to its brain stops.
The blood pressure is constant all through out the system
The air pressure inside the aircraft remains constant
The density of the blood is the same as that of water
The brain is located 2012 cm above the heart

ANSWER: 4.379 m/s^2
Gotten by:
no one
How much electric field is needed to make a proton reach the acceleration that is the answer to the seventh question?

ANSWER: 4.571 x 10^-8 N/C
Gotten by:
no one
How many electrons are needed to produce the electric field that is the answer to the eighth question on a point 2012m away?

ANSWER: 128,506,891 electrons
Gotten by:
no one
Let X be the answer to the ninth question. Let Y be the greatest integer less than the cube root of X. How many ordered positive integer solutions (a1, a2, a3, ... , a2011, a2012) satisfy a1 + a2 + a3 + ... + a2011 + a2012 = Y?

Gotten by:
no one
Let X be the answer to the tenth question. Give the nominal location for the place with absolute location X degrees North, X degrees East. (Hint: three words with initials SAO)

ANSWER: South Atlantic Ocean
Gotten by:
no one
How many combinations of the letters in the answer to the eleventh question are there?

ANSWER: 22,230,464,256,000
Gotten by:
no one
Let X be the answer to the twelfth question and let Y be the sum of the digits of X. Let Z = 3Y^2 + 21Y + 18. How many pythagorean triples (a,b,c) have a sum a + b + c less than or equal to Z?

ANSWER: 2013
Gotten by:
no one

(I decided to multiply by 13 the prizes)

Al Raposas - 2^(1-1) = 1CC * 2 = 2CC * 13 = 26CC
kmm225 - 2^(1-1) = 1CC * 2 = 2CC * 13 = 26CC
svetljo stefanov - 2^(3-1) = 4CC * 13 = 52CC
Boy Pick Up - 2^(3-1) = 4CC * 2 = 8CC * 13 = 104CC
kadayao - 2^(4-1) = 8CC * 2 = 16CC * 13 = 208CC

Still Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Vincenzo Roque
Proudly Pinoy


kadayao Day 1,889, 10:06

hehehe sori na tamad ako kase busy ako these days.. great challenge though! : D

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,889, 12:16

Thanks, congrat's to all of the players and the author, of course ! o/
Waiting for less difficult "quest-quiz" soon : )

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