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New tank of India!

Day 1,862, 00:33 Published in India Finland by Akshit Thakur


When i got the Winter Holiday Gift... I immediately tanked up in the Tamil Nadu RW. Used 9 bazooka boosters,tanked up and got all the way to.....nearly 1.5 M with just 60 kills. Tanking rocks... though with gold.... I bought 100 q7 for 1450 cc,with conversion rate at 1000= 3.i.e. I bought those tanks for 6
hey Ayush, I am very close to you in terms of Rank Points. o/ o7
All the best!

Always for eIndia,


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,862, 01:55


BattleSir12 Day 1,862, 03:07

Good job man! Using that training, very good.

Satria Pandawa
Satria Pandawa Day 1,862, 05:49


Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,862, 06:52

thanks jacques

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,862, 06:56

good job akshit. try coming to IRC once in a while. we can provide you more tips on more tanking.

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,862, 07:04


Nervesofsteel Day 1,862, 09:46

What exactly is tanking? I put some 3 Million for Division 2 in TN. Each division is a special unit?

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,862, 10:18

Tanking is what I do..........It means use of best quality of weapons in bulk to do awesome damages with least possible use of ffs,usually used to improve the domination bar...and making sure your side takes you swiftly through the rank points.... i just turned NF yesterday. today i am at 5M+ rank pints

terlika Day 1,863, 00:52

5k str for 1 year and you waste your gold

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,863, 03:57

Hmm. Well 'tanking' in the normal context is someone using a credit card to buy energy bars, training grounds, damage boosters etc. They then wait until an important campaign and unleash influencing damage where they become battle and campaign heroes. These tanks usually do this for RL reasons like nationalism etc. Typically we could be talking about 50-100m damage in a D4 battle and up to 200m in a campaign.

terlika Day 1,863, 04:00

nooo he is tank with 1,5m dmg 😃

CFovetS Day 1,863, 04:04

He's banned for multis...

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,863, 05:27


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