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New: Spring Hunt Missions

Day 2,345, 07:14 Published in Croatia Bulgaria by WafreyBG

Hello eRepublik players,

Today our admin Plato launched the new mission "Spring Hunt"

First i want to show you the mission map:

To get acces for the last mission, first you must complete all three individual mission tracks..

Search the Forest:

Mission 292 - Search the Forest 1/4: Tracking
Description: You need to catch the Evil Bunny before you can beat him. So today's daily task is: learn to track wild animals.
Rewards: 2 Energy Bars
Conditions: Get the reward for completing the Daily Tasks

Mission 293 - Search the Forest 2/4: Lost
Description: Your tracking skills got you lost in the middle of the Evil Forest, with no way to contact anyone. Maybe you can use a Rocket as a signaling flare.
Rewards: 2 Rockets
Conditions: Build 1 Rocket

Mission 294 - Search the Forest 3/4: Friends in Need
Description: The rocket is up in the air but you need a couple of friends to come and pick you up.
Rewards: 8h Damage Booster
Conditions: Invite 2 friends and help them reach level 20 OR Defeat 100 enemies, Fight in 3 different campaigns

Mission 295 - Search the Forest 4/4: Race
Description: You're back on the right track, chasing the Evil Bunny. It's not going to be an easy race.
Rewards: 60 Strength
Conditions: Recover 6000 Energy in 1 day

Beat the Henchmen:

Mission 296 - Beat the Henchmen 1/4: Rabbit Masks
Description: You are faced by a group of dangerous looking men, except for the weird bunny masks. It's the Evil Bunny's Henchmen!
Rewards: 2 Energy Bars
Conditions: Complete Daily Order

Mission 297 - Beat the Henchmen 2/4: Fight or Run
Description:100 more Henchmen surround you. You can run, or face them like a true fighter.
Rewards: 4 Energy Bars
Conditions: Complete Daily Tasks for 2 days OR Defeat 100 enemies in one day

Mission 298 - Beat the Henchmen 3/4: Five Hideaways
Description: There's five hideaways scattered through the Evil Forest, you may find the bunny there.
Rewards: 40 Strength
Conditions: Fight in 5 different resistance wars and defeat 25 enemies in each

Mission 299 - Beat the Henchmen 4/4: Interrogation
Description: You didn't find the bunny, but his henchmen might know where he is. Expect them to resist your interrogation.
Rewards: 5 Energy Bars, 2 Rockets
Conditions: Defeat 300 opponents, Fight in 5 different resistance wars.

Build a Trap

Mission 300 - Build a Trap 1/4: Heavy Lifting
Description: The Evil Bunny is pretty big, so you need a big trap and a lot of Strength to build it.
Rewards: 1 Energy Bar
Conditions: Increase your Strength with 10 points

Mission 301 - Build a Trap 2/4: Train More
Description: A lot of Strength means more than 10 points, so keep training.
Rewards: 3 Bazooka Booster
Conditions: Increase your Strength with 90 points

Mission 302 - Build a Trap 3/4: Prisoners of War
Description: You need a big team to set up the trap. Take some of the henchmen as prisoners to work for you!
Rewards: 8h Damage Booster
Conditions: Defeat 50 enemies every day for 3 days OR Defeat 300 enemies

Mission 303 - Build a Trap 4/4: Bait
Description: The only missing part of the trap is a large quantity of bait. Defeat 400 enemies to gain the needed carrots.
Rewards: 2 Rockets
Conditions: Defeat 400 enemies in 1 day

Beat the Bunny:
Mission 304 - The Magic Ingredient
Description: You need a magic ingredient to even have a chance at defeating the Evil Bunny.
Rewards: 25 Energy Bars, 5 Small Bombs
Conditions: Get the Poisoned Carrot




Greevas Day 2,345, 07:24

Nice ass o/

IronLionMK Day 2,345, 07:28


teroBG Day 2,345, 07:28

задницата е УНИКАЛНА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wallachian Day 2,345, 07:38

vote for the cheeks

Ely.nea Day 2,345, 08:00

is the last picture a new mission too? : p

Nice article, voted for those informations ^^

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Day 2,345, 08:04

ахахах, ебем ти "наградите".... четито на малоумните тъпунгери, които изпълняват "мисиите"...

Mracina Day 2,345, 08:16

only see the Asss , I m only seeeing that Asss !!

krispo Day 2,345, 08:56

Ass ftw! Voted.

vacckoo Day 2,345, 09:13

Vote for the ass
P.S. Nice article, by the way 🙂

dimention Day 2,345, 09:58

lame missions, great ass!

FrutekXXX Day 2,345, 10:23


DontPanicPls Day 2,345, 11:37

prezident nqma da stane6 🙂

WafreyBG Day 2,345, 12:00

Не мислех да ти влизам в тон.... Ако се докаже на хората, че кандидата е способен да се справи с нещата, че е достатъчно кадърен и образован, за да движи виртуалната ни страна, независимо кой е кандидата, то народа би го избрал... Докато има хора като теб, които не спират да леят хейт и да ламтят за властта, а когато я изпускат да реват като ученички няма да ни бъде 🙂 Интересно ми е ти какво си свършил като МВнР, защото предполагам пак Великана ви покрива и ви мие на всички дупетата 😉

DontPanicPls Day 2,345, 12:35

ти няма да станеш 😉

Technician Day 2,345, 13:22

I only seen a perfect ass, was there an article?

Mrnjaooo Day 2,345, 16:58

Conditions: Get the Poisoned Carrot
Reach the required Prestige Points to receive the Poisoned Carrot and for me it is 10.000 pp.

FPS1 Day 2,346, 00:07

mrnjaooo, its 10k pp for everyone, even D1 😃

Mjuraa Day 2,346, 17:17

crno i crveno ! 😃

NV9LFgoj Day 2,346, 18:19

Comment deleted

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