New players : to fight or not to fight ? (TG upgrade)

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New players : to fight or not to fight ? (TG upgrade)

Should a new player fight as much as possible in his early months in eRepublik ?
To fight or not to fight, that is the question indeed.

Some older players would tend to answer no to this question, arguing that what matters the most is strength and not experience points. Fighting provides xp points, and so, the more you fight, the fastest you're levelling up. The goal of having the biggest strength as possible before to "division" up is to be able to deal more damages when you will be Division 2, having a bigger influence on rounds, and collecting more battle hero’s medals.

The downside, underlined by some others players, is that it is almost impossible to keep new players active and to not quitting the game without promoting wars, kills and fighting rewards. On a personal level, I believe that once they will have understand why not fighting while in Division 1 is important (well, important, everything is relative in eBelgium), and that reaching D2 with the biggest strength will have become a real goal, they will focus on that. Getting more involved in the community will also help fighting the possible boredom, for example by becoming a Belgian Ambassador abroad or by joining the FUN ministry… What is certain however, is that no new player should spend gold on bars to fight more ! Save your gold and save your bars, it will be useful in few months !

Moreover, new players shouldn't focus on anything else than strength because eRepublik has a crippled economy and investing gold in companies to get supplies for fighting or to try earning money is a dead-end especially when you doesn't have a large sum to invest. On the contrary, upgrading his training grounds is the better option for a new player, starting by the free one. It will allow them to gain more strength, to collect more super soldiers medals, and to be able to invest faster in the upgrade of the others training grounds. For example, the free training ground, upgraded to Q4, will provide a +20 strength/day instead of 5, thus increasing the monthly income of training (via super soldier medals) from 4.08 gold to 13.08 gold. If you also have the 0.19g training ground upgraded, you will be get +30str/day and a monthly income of 13.38 gold. You can make your own calculations on this website : Training Calculator.

But how much does it cost to upgrade it training grounds ? Normally it cost 20 gold from Q1 to Q2, 70 gold from Q1 to Q3 and 170 gold from Q1 to Q4, but once a while admins launch promotions and it cost 45% less gold to upgrade them, making it "only" 93.5 gold to have a Q4 TG. New players do earn some gold/bef via medals and job (do you have a Q1 house to be able to work twice a day ?), but it remains an important sum to invest. And as the sooner is the better, you can loan gold from the Government or from older players to be ready for the next promo ! Don't forget that there is a 10g/day limit on donations, so you should be planning it as soon as possible. Of course, you have to be trustworthy : being active every day (with Hard Worker medals) and being involved in the community helps... To repay the loan, you will have the training monthly income of 13g, plus ~7/8g from salary saving (working twice a day, seven day a week, earning 2800 bef a month minus 1160cc for 4 Q1 houses), plus 5g from one hard worker medal, which make around 25g per month of savings. Open a thread here, and make your documented request :

I found today in a french government article a table made by Chortippus, which shows the expected strength a new player should have at each level in Division 1 (the strength indicated should be even higher): Level/Strength table. Let's check the development of some of our most active new players :

Healthfrite : level 23, "ideal" strength at next level : 600, actual str : 297
John Pistol : level 24, "ideal" strength at next level : 1000, actual str : 422
Elmermouth : level 24, "ideal" strength at next level : 1000, actual str : 543
Denko1 : level 25, "ideal" strength at next level : 1400, actual str : 487
bastienaikidoEC : level 25, "ideal" strength at next level : 1400, actual str : 646
DAVISTAN5100 : level 24, "ideal" strength at next level : 1000, actual str : 580
Durantax : level 23, "ideal" strength at next level : 600, actual str : 462

Everything is not lost, the situation is not that bad, but some improvements could be done !

Don’t be afraid, work twice and train daily, get more involved in the community, request a government/private loan for upgrading your training grounds ! Of course, everyone is concerned about gaining more strength, and a lot of eBelgians citizens as experienced as nogex1, Teddy beer eBE, Bobby Teuchan or Boklevski could also plan a training ground upgrade…

Let’s strengthen our nation ! 🙂


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