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Day 2,156, 05:25 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

God's Away on Business (Mandatory listening)
Day 2156 of the New World
15 October, 2013

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Gnilraps Day 2,156, 05:25

Just saying.

NueveOcho Day 2,156, 05:29

Big V xD

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,156, 05:30

far more useful 🙂

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,156, 05:31

lol 🙂

Kyronte Day 2,156, 05:32


Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 2,156, 05:32

thanks for this great explanation. all these new features are really bad for my old brain.

and "Thanks Plato for finally solving all the economical problems"

Headless Sheep
Headless Sheep Day 2,156, 05:32

I would vote this but I can't. Plato strikes again!

turturica Day 2,156, 05:35


Delijohn Day 2,156, 05:36

v + s

Delijohn Day 2,156, 05:37 every country... same shit 😛

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,156, 05:37



Slayer85 Day 2,156, 05:53

true story 😐

Bucephalus92 Day 2,156, 06:47

Gnil don't worry, more changes are on the way!
Just released transcript from an admin conference!

Evil.Elvis Day 2,156, 07:02

I miss the old Gnilraps.

Comment deleted

TooR3al Day 2,156, 10:54

Cool 😁))

Mr. Mirage
Mr. Mirage Day 2,156, 13:27

Feast your eyes on Ereps latest attempt to sell more gold ladies and gentle men, gaze at its infinite Complexity and peer into the eyes of the almighty Plato himself.

Raw784 Day 2,156, 18:33

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,156, 19:17

Took me a second, but I see it now.


Gnilraps Day 2,156, 21:05

Yes, I am a complex thinker...

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,156, 21:28

This would be a more useful module than the one they are likely to give us. So many multi's to cause to rage quit by trolling them.... 😇

jkeller4000 Day 2,157, 07:27

hm, cannot the server get everyones mac address, and have no two players from the same mac address. or are there many ways for a person to change the mac address?

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,157, 11:34

In all honesty I am unsure. I did some quick research before replying, but from what I am certain of: I have no definitive answer. But I do have thoughts on the matter.
1) I would imagine that the server systems would take a while to detect multi's if they are tracking them that way.
2) It would be problematic anyways to track that way, since there are a lot of players that restart every so often and that would leave to chars registered by one MAC address. It would also be problematic to search that way because there are still households that have only one online device. Especially in the more rural regions (as where I leave) there are a number of people who do not even have one internet connected device in their home, let alone two or more.
3) I imagine the same would be true for places outside of tech heavy countries. So such families with only one device would be a a great disadvantage by limiting to only one account per family because there is no way to confirm just from a Mac address that only one person is having more than one account.
4) MAC tracing would also be limiting because some people may be logging on from many MAC addresses on many devices (I do this when I am going to be away from home for more than 5-6 hours) Some of these other MAC's could plausibly have other names connected to them (especially considering how the society builder thing is pushed.)
5) Probably the best course to determine multis is to watch the servers for patterns. Such as a MAC with 5 citizens that all log in in succession only to work. Or have no original stats (someone copy and pastes a profile about me section to several bots). Or anything else that should be a red flag. Or snitches rat them out. Assuming innocence until proven multi. I idyllic vision, yes, but fair too I think.

DariusReg Day 2,157, 16:08

mac mac

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,157, 18:32

Oh Darius, the hijinks you bring to the game. 😛 Kind of makes me want to go play pacman now.

RaccoonGoon Day 2,157, 12:55

I really wouldn't mind a chart like this. Seems informative, and it lends credence to the old idea that the only way to win the game is to quit.

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