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Day 1,913, 01:25 Published in Austria Austria by C E R O V I N A

Here is what you get for the new mission if you belong to D4:

I've needed around 600 health to defeat Cupid with Q7 weapons.

D1: 2 x Bazooka Booster, 2 x BH Rocket, 2 x Energy Bar
D2: 4 x Bazooka Booster, 4 x BH Rocket, 4 x Energy Bar
D2: 6 x Bazooka Booster, 6 x BH Rocket, 6 x Energy Bar

The Rockets damage varies according to the division you belong
D 1 : 75.000 dmg
D 2 : 375.000 dmg
D 3 : 750.000 dmg
D 4 : 1.500.000 dmg



Shone bate Day 1,913, 01:51

Comment deleted

Sisk Day 1,913, 04:34

o7 .. i made the mission

sokm Day 1,913, 13:58


Svera o5
Svera o5 Day 1,914, 04:57


Duuuutan Day 1,914, 09:32

now you have reached 1000 subscribers and you got your medal and 5 gold 😃
good luck 🙂

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