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new GIFT! from plato

Day 1,210, 11:21 Published in Russia Germany by eisenmutter2
at first i was like... nice...

but than...
i realized that everytime i eat even just to refill 1 health i consume the highest quality-food in my storage.

and free unlimited storage till day 1250... but i hope it wont continue erep-style... like if you need you have to buy storage every couple days for gold.
i hope it wont come like this but be a permanent storage+.

Accepting your thanks in advance,

(i like this term "Accepting your thanks in advance" ... is it a gentlemans way to say "your welcome" nowadays?)



snezok Day 1,210, 11:30

Accepting your thanks in advance,

I lol'd

eisenmutter2 Day 1,210, 11:50

i want my thanks back please!
cant remember giving a direct debit authority to plato...

no for real: plato is the man with the biggest balls i know

Wonne Day 1,210, 18:48


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