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Day 664, 02:19 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

As most of you have noticed, since few days ago we have a new background image, following the redesigned icons, as part of our graphical improvements work. If you don't like it, you may disable this background image by turning “Ambient” on/off, in the upper right part of the screen, but we really hope that you do enjoy it. The ambient graphic is visible only on screen resolutions larger than 1150 horizontally. This new background has not been the cause of the several hours of the last downtime , as we could see in some comments in our latest Insider. Those hours have been used to implement one of the most awaited new features since the launch of V1: company tools.

Looks like the word “new” bothers some older beta-citizens, because they consider the company tools to be an old feature. That is somewhat funny, given the fact that few days ago we had no company tools, and today we do, so it's something completely new for almost 90 % of our citizens, that have no idea what Beta looked like. We have extracted the best concepts from Beta and implemented in our current version of eRepublik. This is usually the purpose of having Beta version, isn't it?

Well, because we are receptive to our citizens feedback we have fulfilled their request- we brought back those economic tools. For that to happen though, our programmers worked hard, given the huge complexity of today's eRepublik compared to that of the Beta version, when modules like citizenship, citizen ads, the dynamic map and many others did not exist.

Having said that, let's proceed to the description of the new feature.We have waited several days before announcing it, because we wanted to make sure that everything is fine and also fine tune some details. We can split company tools into two main parts: employees list and account balance + sales history.

The new employees list replaced the old one, adding lots of useful information. The public list (that is, accessible by anyone) shows the name, the skill, the wellness, the presence at work in the last week, and the productivity of each employee during the worked days. If your character is in the list, you will also see your salary. And if you are the owner of the company, you will see all salaries listed and have the option to modify them, or to fire employees. Also, as a manager you can check the presence and productivity of your employees in the last four weeks, not just the current week. All the information from the employees list are updated in real-time - for example as soon as a citizen works, his wellness is updated and his productivity posted.

The other part of company tools is available exclusively to managers and is accessible from the Finances tab: account balance and sales history.

Account balance is the place where you can track your money flow. All you need to do is select the account (GOLD, national currency, or any other currencies your company owns) and the week you're interested in (up to four weeks in the past, but you can download a .csv file for each available week, so you can keep your history records for years, if you wish). Having done that, all your incomes and expenses are listed, providing you a total profit or loss. Profit, if you know what you are doing, and loss if making business is not your strongest ability. Well, if you are indeed losing money, at least you will know for sure why. Please bare in mind that the account balance is done from the company perspective - for example moving money from organization to company is “income” and collecting your profit is “expense” for company. Same for monetary market exchanges, if you exchange GOLD for national currency, you will have an expense on your GOLD account and an income for your national currency account.

We move to the second part of Finances tab, sales history. Here you have listed all products sales made by your company, showing you the market, the number of sold products, the price(net and gross) and the income(net and gross). An easy way to spot your most productive selling markets!

Overall, these should include the main features of company tools. Of course, managers will need some time to discover the full potential of all these statistics, but we are confident that they'll get used to them pretty quickly.

Note that account balance and sales history update each morning, offering data for your previous eRepublik day.

The eRepublik Team

Recruitment announcement: We are searching for a new member to join our Community Department, based in Bucharest, Romania. More details can be found here. Also, if you know somebody that might be interested, let him or her know about this.