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Day 1,816, 16:44 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Prince Harry.


JimmyMiller Day 1,816, 17:40

Good work Don, great unit to be part of for any new players

Ironfists Day 1,817, 03:58

Well done

Bucketman Day 1,817, 04:34

looks good to me....very good....

Alphabethis Day 1,817, 05:50

voted!! New Era offers the best of both worlds, national military or private Military Unit.

AProudScotsman Day 1,817, 10:42

voted 🙂 New Era #1

TTXXX Day 1,817, 14:10

nice, voted

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,818, 09:54

Why have I only just seen this???

Spygon Day 1,818, 10:02

Interesting i guess this is the start of Goku's attempt to get rid of legion.

But fair play guys i do encourage this as we need more military unit being lead by soldiers not politicians

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