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New Citizen Help;The Basics

Day 539, 09:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy


As the Minister of New Citizens, I will be writing a series of articles explaining how to play, and make the most of eRepublik. This article will cover the basics to playing eRepublik.

eRepublik is based on four different career paths. These are Politics, Media, Military and Economics. In the following articles, I will explain how to succeed in each of these paths.

Not all activites can be completed immediately. These are the activities that you can complete on your first day:

Uploading an avatar: This might seem unimportant, but it gains you your first few experience points. And avatar is good for expressing your interests or individuality to other citizens.

Getting a job: Jobs are very important to function as a citizen in eRepublik. The government of eIreland has provided State companies for new citizens to work at. Job offers are found at Job Market under the Market tab. The State jobs are set for Skill 0 workers. You may work at these until you are skilled enough to work in the private sector.

Working: Your current job is found at Company under the My Places tab. Employers pay you using the national currency, which is IEP in eIreland. Working also gives you one experience point every day.

Training: You should now be able to train at the Army. Training raises your Strength. Strength is a factor that affects your Force. Force comes into play when you're fighting in a war. Training also gains you one experience point each day. The Army is found under the My Places tab.

Eating: Eating occurs automatically, as long as you have food in your inventory. You can buy food at the Market. Eating also gains you an experience point.

With a few clicks every day, you gain three experience points. In the next article, I shall explain Wellness and Experience.

If anyone has any questions, problems or suggestions, they can be PMed to me. Anyone who hasn't should join the eIrish forums at
The Wiki pages are a valuable source of information for all citizens, so consult these for an explaination on anything eRepublik related.

Best regards,
binksy, Minister of New Citizens.



Starks Hayter
Starks Hayter Day 539, 09:10

*gasps* I recognise that!

binksy Day 539, 09:17

lol ya u should

Mannimarco Day 539, 09:27

Wait a sec. Did you just copy Starks article, you lazy bastard?

binksy Day 539, 09:39

i asked em first as yes it would save time but its also high quality

Top Gun
Top Gun Day 539, 09:47

Make sure to spread em out over the course of your term.

binksy Day 539, 10:13

will do top gun will do one a week maybe 2 at the end
wel have to see

declandonaghy88 Day 539, 10:55

Good article.

James Campbell
James Campbell Day 539, 12:38

Fair enough, considering real life Ministers don't write their speaches either. Starks, you will make a fine civil servant one day.

cflood Day 539, 12:45

there is no human reasources tab

"job market"

enough said

Ian Arb
Ian Arb Day 539, 13:41

Binksy you are just too lazy to write your own lol

binksy Day 539, 14:15

@cflood thank you for that it has been fixed

no i can admit that this article from starks is high quality and i cant beatit in a timely fashon

franke 356
franke 356 Day 539, 15:09

this article should be published every week and updated if required as their is always someone new entering the game. binksy is't time you earned your keep.

Irasian Day 539, 15:24

I agree with franke 356

binksy Day 539, 15:45

ah here now folks i am im working through Q and A and as for the articles these are high quality and frankly kickass

im aldo doin like 3 other jobs

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