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New Alliances Exclusive

Day 1,964, 14:59 Published in Canada Canada by New Faustian Man


klop123 Day 1,964, 15:03


Bulgurs are gay
Bulgurs are gay Day 1,965, 11:15

CoT = Circle of FAGS

WayneKerr Day 1,964, 15:09


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,964, 15:10

BiH will join Croatia of course if PACIFICA goes ahead, so will probably do Italy.
Greece&Serbia means war with CoT since MKD is in big conflict with Greece.
Where do you se Argentina here?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,964, 15:12

Probably in PACIFICA along with Turkey.

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,964, 15:16

I doubt Argentina and Brasil could be in the same alliance... That is probably a new alliance since Turkey is not happy with EDEN and for some reason might finish the romance with Greece. So put Turkey&Argentina aside for the moment

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 1,964, 16:08

nope.we dont want to be in same alliance with china

Al Punk
Al Punk Day 1,964, 18:56

@Lovatic I perfectly understand!

Avruch Day 1,964, 15:11


Thedillpickl Day 1,967, 19:15

Avruch said "Hmm", that gives me pause.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,964, 15:11


Regards from TWO HQ

Strength and Honour

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,964, 15:14

With PACIFICA, there would need to be peace between India and Croatia. With India not having a Congress and currently Croatia's Natural Enemy, I see this as being difficult.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,964, 15:48

Under this arrangement India will in all likelihood be restored its core regions, or some form of treaty can be agreed that allows Croatia to lease a couple. As PACIFICA will rule uncontested in Asia, this should allow Croatia to establish itself in any number of the low populated SE Asian countries.

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,964, 16:56

Any alliance requires mutual assistance between those member countries involved. If this arrangement becomes a reality between India and Croatia, terrific. If all Croatia sees India being good for, is as a barrier between their country and Thailand, then that is something else altogether.

AlexMCS182 Day 1,964, 15:18

Pacifica idea has been canceled though just sayin'..

Rican Day 1,964, 15:37

what are you saying Alex ?

AlexMCS182 Day 1,964, 15:44

I am saying that the nations that was about to create Pacifica gave up this project for a few weeks already..

Mr. Jester Day 1,964, 15:33

Comment deleted

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,964, 15:33

Any entity with Greece in its ranks will authomaticaly find itself in a permanent state of war against CoT because of the animosity between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. Serbia will never go back to a back-and-forth with Bulgaria. Been there, done that, didn't like it.
An interesting way of presenting one's opinion here, so I voted it, but I can't agree with the alliance breakdown xD Just sayin' Day 1,964, 15:57

bam. thats really cute!
thx 😉
u could tell me before!
attack spain !!!

Kyronte Day 1,964, 16:38

Interesting, I like a lot, but also Argentina in Pacifica

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,964, 17:41

Is this like the Daimler Chrysler product that lasted only a few years?

Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Day 1,964, 17:47


Cubby Day 1,964, 18:21

It may be in jest, but I'd support Pacifica.

KosovolsKosovo Day 1,965, 01:03

Where is Turkey ? 😕

nimnul Day 1,965, 01:43

Are you serious?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,965, 11:50

"PACIFICA"? Your the CP of eRussia, you tell me. Details regarding the Serb-Greek-Romanian alliance were all correct at the time of going to press.

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,966, 08:30

Where can i found those newsletters regarding that SRB-GRE-ROM allianceyou?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,966, 08:33

'newsletters'? I don't think those doing the discussions released any tbh.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,965, 03:06

I'd support the entire alliance and I'd be more than happy to work in it's administration. I'm dissapointed that it will never be a success as many nations have grudges towards others, if they were willing to put those aside and give the alliance a chance, it might be possible this could work and be profitable.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,965, 03:07

As Cleric of The Word i bless this article.....

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,965, 03:11

You forgot NaN

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,965, 03:14

This is highly illogical...

TheYakuzini Day 1,965, 03:15


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,965, 04:03


Spite313 Day 1,965, 04:16


SpikyJade2700 Day 1,965, 05:58

Add Belarus and Germany to Pacifia...

regen Day 1,965, 06:48

to many picture.. no vote

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,965, 07:23


Alex.L Day 1,965, 07:37

Not sure if I should LOL or ROFL...

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,965, 08:04

Bought votes..

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,965, 09:37

No actually, I have over thirteen-hundred subscribers. Though I bought 100 for my other other article in the Top 5 only because it was a recruitment piece. Not that me buying/not buying votes has anything to do with anything.

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,965, 09:39

Looks a bit suspicious with 230 votes in 18 hours but I will take your word for it, sorry i'm tired and hungover 😛

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,965, 09:50

'suspicious'? There's something wrong with buying votes?

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,966, 02:37

Well yes, it should be through good writing that an article gets to the top, not through buying its way there.

Phat this is not eUK muha

Arcelven Day 1,965, 12:04


Stolch Day 1,967, 23:00

lol, true Croatia is not an European country anymore.....

Keep up the good work, we do need a good laugh from time to time, gotta admit this is quality entertainment!

Yankul9 Day 1,968, 01:28

So why you bother give new name to the old EDEN alliance with croats in a head and whole damage of the eUSA in their disposal? Since when Albania or Croatia are not Balkans countries? And you think you will not be dragged into Balkans conficts? Wishfull thinkings. Once you go with croats ugain whou will be dragged imediately in their ethernal war with eSerbia. And i doubt Russia, India (occupied by Croatia???), China, Taiwan and Brazil to be part of this, there is no sence. Everithing else is EDEN and Asgard with a try croats to be in charge of some damage aggain. Just some albanians dreams.

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