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Never Plan the Future by the Past

Day 1,893, 11:40 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

So you've heard a lot about what makes CoT the right choice, now its time to get a bit more controversial with my opinion. It appears we have two divergent opinions in this country; one side supports our shift two CoT while the other would like us to retain our independence and return to supporting our traditional allies in EDEN while maintaining separate partnerships. Others simply pursue a third course of being patient and listening to all sides while the situation develops. What people may not know is that I have been on all sides of this debate at different points in time. I used to be very pro-EDEN and enjoyed supporting Greece, Argentina, Croatia, and Turkey in their battles. I also used to fight against Chile, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and wrote a WHPR that supported these fights.

When I started, I was initially skeptical of our situation while maintaining that it could be a bright start to something new. I also held loyalties to countries in EDEN who now fall on the other side in multiple recent battles. However, I've never really supported EDEN as an organization, and it appears many within EDEN aren't exactly keen on it either. For those out of the loop, all of EDEN's command resigned several days ago. Several countries have had referendums on EDEN and from what I've seen, none are positive. Argentina left EDEN because it felt abandoned, and India left EDEN due to betrayal by Croatia. EDEN is quickly becoming a regional alliance that adopts strategies it used to crusade against. The little guys in the alliance no longer matter, as evidenced by Croatia's dealings with India.

Right now, EDEN is pushing Taiwan as the priority over helping Albania in Serbia. EDEN would rather get back at us and protect Taiwan's colonies over helping Albania in its fight against one of it's oldest enemies. Currently, the MoFA of Romania is in trouble for essentially saying EDEN fails and to support Serbia. I used to think I could support our friends while withholding support for the organization, but this is becoming unbearable. I still hold support for our Albanian brothers, but I urge them to strongly reconsider their ties to this dying alliance. You may not like the United States' support and allegiance to Circle of Trust, but you know where we stand on Serbia. Circle of Trust isn't TWO, and they are more focused on helping free their allies than come after you, Albania. And at least they aren't pretending to be your ally while shouting in support of your enemy. True friends stab you in the front. I'm not advocating for Albania joining CoT, simply that EDEN is not working out for them.

As for CoT, they have been proving great allies thus far. And despite what you may say, they are fighting for us, whether they are in Bulgaria, Macedonia, or Mexico. The eUS is priority despite being the newest member. Maybe we just aren't used to the fact of having an alliance that actually supports us, kinda weird isn't it? I'd choose being in CoT over being neutral and EDEN-light any day. But I can still be convinced. I want people to present strong and convincing cases why I should support EDEN over CoT. And don't just convince me, convince everyone. Tell us what makes ties to that alliance so much better. Tell us why our new alliance is so horrible. If all you have is the past, you can never reach towards the future. I don't want a history lesson, I want results. Stop trying to convince us to support what EDEN used to be, and tell me why I should support what EDEN is now.



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,893, 11:47


Clydeo Day 1,893, 11:52

Great article. I strongly support CoT and hope great EDEN allies like Albania join us.

Angeldim Day 1,893, 12:01

im glad that USA joined us but Macedonia will never accept Albania in COT

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,893, 12:03


costin1989 Day 1,893, 12:07

i think that a new ALLIANCE is the solution for many countries. what about ARGENTINA, GRECE, TURKEY, IRAN, CROATIA, ROMANIA, CHINA and USA as a core and another countries as secondary ones? just because of damage count.

Unbias Day 1,893, 12:08

one thing, if they are such good allies and EDEN its trying to protect Taiwan, why are we losing there? We do more damage, since right now its COT and TWO against EDEN and we even have an MPP with Spain from TWO. Just a thought there.

costin1989 Day 1,893, 12:08

Let's name this ALLIANCE "GALAXY" because all of us is a star in the galaxy 😛

Al Predataor
Al Predataor Day 1,893, 12:16

Albania will never be in the same alliance with FYROM

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,893, 12:18

Unbias we are not the only battle here! Bulgaria,Chile and Macedonia have wars too and sometimes they even lose WITH TWO what u trying to say?

Unbias Day 1,893, 12:23

I am saying, EDEN´s priority is Taiwan, We should be COT´s.

Light Angel
Light Angel Day 1,893, 12:29

YES klardi , albania would never be ally with MACEDONIA!!!

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,893, 12:30

^We already had CoT priority there are other members of the alliance too dont be selfish 😛 We lose some we win some its apart of the game.

Unbias Day 1,893, 12:35

but thats the thing, I am not being selfish here, Eden is also fighting for Colombia and other countries.. but they still beat us there...See what I am saying. If it is so important to free those countries, we should win, right??

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,893, 12:39

LOL ^ EDEN is stronger than CoT alone! We don't like TWO so dont expect to win every battle @_@ Only way CoT will be strongest alliance in game is if Brazil and Russia join as well 🙂

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,893, 12:45

I think CoT may close membership into the alliance soon though ...too many members. They will prob just allow non members to be Pro-CoT instead.

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,893, 12:52

I will not go into deep explanation but I think its easy to understand that EDEN is in a position which is the result of the actions of EDEN itself and USA/Brasil. And USA is also in a position which is not the ideal, being forced to enter a smaller alliance in which has very limited influence, when 8 months ago USA lead an alliance of similar size.

In the beginning you had two blocks of similar size, when one block stop being united, this blocked collapsed and the other block took over. EDEN for some reason is delaying to take the action and allow the members to move on, and that obviously puts some pressure in their communities since they don't have the chance to win a lot of battles nowadays.

I think its also obvious why the most relevant fights are between CoT/EDEN. TwO have their empires established while CoT are trying to prey upon EDEN or to recover lost land to EDEN. TwO will support CoT to put the pressure on EDEN countries with the objective of forcing EDEN to accept they lost but will not allow EDEN countries to move to CoT. They will target the EDEN countries they are interested on to joined them later and assure dominance in the next stage of the game. Its not by chance that the most heated battles in eRep are now Bulgaria/Turkey, Fyrom/Greece and Argentina/Chile. Its not by chance also that "Brozil" did not joined you in CoT, or did you forgot how they acted when USA pushed Poland against the wall....

I am not saying that currently USA has a lot of options other than CoT, but 3 months ago you had the chance to make the world balanced again and bargaining power to have an agreement which would put USA in a very dominant position but you decided that an uneven play field would favor you. I did not understood you then, but I do not have the same level of information that you have, I maybe wrong in the end.

BlackMK Day 1,893, 12:59


Arfan-Khan Day 1,893, 14:20


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,893, 14:37


"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority."
The first sentence is Asgard's motto, but I think the rest of the quotation reflects EDEN's state.

I fully support what EDEN was, but not what it has become.

Stolch Day 1,893, 15:49


Does this anser you question?:

@John bokinski

I just love ho EDEN became the victim again, victim of TWO and now victim of CoT.....

Actually truth is a little different as it was EDEN that has been waging non stop wars against CoT as it can get resources from CoT and in the battle with TWO they can only defend small countries like Portugal, which is not "worth the damage". Not to mention that CoT actually is an alternative to EDEN, so to stop countries from "noticing" the fact EDEN had to make it it's main rival.

In any-case it is a good article, the game needs a basic overhaul to regain some of it's former appeal and that begins with the breakdown of the 5 year old Cromania vs SerHun fight which was initiated by Cromania and has been the driving force of the game ever since.

Who knows what might happen if/when EDEN goes, we do however know what will happen if it doesn't. More of the same boring, hate filled, propaganda driven, traitor garnished game play. 5 years of that is enough in my book, time to move on....

CmenduriaMB Day 1,893, 16:05

It is clear that Eden's prio should be Albania!We are fighting for a cause and this is way too big than just a "battle"...We aren't afraid of Serbia and we would fight till the end,the allies should help us.
V,great article Bro 🙂

Arrlo Day 1,893, 16:11

EDEN prio is not on you guys.

Dellodas Day 1,893, 16:15

Fighting for Serbia's allies is like fighting for Serbia and her plans, anything else you say about Serbia is your enemy is null and void. So don't pretend that you want to help Albania since, in reality, what you are doing is helping Serbia's plans by helping it's allies....irony.


Kthetra Alb
Kthetra Alb Day 1,893, 16:17

A good article. US should find for itself who their true friends throughout the world are...

Clydeo Day 1,893, 16:35

What are you talking about Delloadas?

The USA has every intention to help out Albania which apparently EDEN would rather help Taiwan than them.

Of course we hate Serbia they are trying to PTO us. Why would we ally with people who are trying to take us over.

Stop spreading false propaganda.

Arrlo Day 1,893, 16:50

Clydeo: I repeat, EDEN priority is not on Taiwan-US battle.

Clydeo Day 1,893, 16:52

Sorry I was wrong there but Delloadas is still wrong about us supporting Serbia and not supporting Albania.

Arrlo Day 1,893, 17:04

No need to apologise, I can't deny that China seems to be fighting quite hard there.

I think what Delloadas means is that while you are not fighting for Serbia (thank god!), fighting against an EDEN country (Taiwan) forces us to divert damage away from supporting Albania. It's a double drain too, since we know that the USA also wants to support Albania, so in that sense I can understand his frustration.

Clydeo Day 1,893, 17:26

We're just liberating 2 CoT members just like you are doing for Romania and the USA would never have the intent of harming Albania in anyway. Albanians are the best. They have helped so much.

Clydeo Day 1,893, 17:27

Also who else is there to fight besides Taiwan.

Diam gr
Diam gr Day 1,893, 18:20

Not voted USA was always a good ally to Eden i would prefer it stayed that way

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,893, 19:31

There is no convincing evidence in favor of EDEN!
Portugal, the Netherlands and Norway are all on the verge of breaking out of EDEN because EDEN sucks. Even a powerhouse like Argentina couldn't survive there for long!
Greeks, Turks, Albanians are all good people, but if anyone wants to be in the same alliance as them, a new one needs to be created, far from the outdated framework of EDEN! And right now we can't afford to waste time and effort creating a new alliance, not to mention that Turkey and Greece are way too comfortable where they are right now, being on top of the food chain.

CoT will prevail and will rule the world!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,893, 19:34

Oh, and for those of you out there who have been in hibernation for the last year, any mention of allying with Romania will lose us our friendship with Brazil!

BlackWater GR
BlackWater GR Day 1,893, 21:48

Not voted!

ypourgos Day 1,894, 23:07

Despite what the article may say EDEN was always here for you supporting you. only from the title i can understand that you are a person that doesnt read or get interested about the world at all. The Chinese became a great empire cause they were studying the past to take desicions for the future cause history is a cyrcle especialy in this Game.
Consinder which Alliance has change more times which means they' re members werent sattisfied. Consinder which Alliance has betrayed their allies or used them for their personal Goals?
Hail Eden
Hail eGreece

DrethGar Day 1,894, 23:29

Not voted USA was always a good ally to Eden i would prefer it stayed that way

UANAHS Day 1,894, 00:08

not voted

iVerxil Day 1,894, 00:09

Denied. For a very long time USA was with EDEN and now you went with the enemy..

DominaPnS Day 1,894, 00:54

Sorry but not voted.....

Perdikos Day 1,894, 01:08

This article is another piece of proof that the eUS is still struggling with growing external interference on internal matters.

You may not care about what EDEN was (I doubt if you actually did) but have in mind that history and bloodshed brotherhood is stronger than any "cold-blood" analysis.

osfej Day 1,894, 01:18

not voted

Light Angel
Light Angel Day 1,894, 01:22

voted and sub

Nicholas Kokalis
Nicholas Kokalis Day 1,894, 01:22

Not voted

GaLaXiaN 13
GaLaXiaN 13 Day 1,894, 01:23

-not voted-

p0lemarxos Day 1,894, 01:40

Not voted USA was always a good ally to Eden i would prefer it stayed that way!

Orochimaruu Day 1,894, 02:05

-not voted-

bill15 Day 1,894, 02:10

not voted.

kwstakis7 Day 1,894, 02:26



LAOKRATHS Day 1,894, 02:37

Not voted USA was always a good ally to Eden i would prefer it stayed that way!

RyzeGR Day 1,894, 03:06


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