Neutrality ver2.0

Day 2,073, 15:21 Published in USA USA by Viarizi

Fellow Comrades,

After creating the current Neutrality logo, producing all of Neutrality uniforms, serving for 9 consecutive times as Neutrality 7th Regiment Captain, the opportunity to take the next logical step arose and I am from this day onward the new Commander of the Neutrality Military Unit.

My first order of business was to contact all active Neutrality members and ask for their opinion and ideas to make this civilian MU grow, I appreciate your feedback and I will be keeping in touch with you guys.

My second order of business is to make this crystal clear: a new order has begun and old rivalries and political positions will end by my hand. Neutrality is a Military Unit so politics have no place here.

Finally I must inform all of our current members and prospects that although we are indeed a multinational MU we are based in eUSA and so we will be fighting for the eUSA and following DoD priorities.

My next Communique will address the issues being debated on the above mentioned group message, new internal organization scheme, recruitment efforts and MU damage progress.

Signing off,
Neutrality Commander

For my loyal readers here are a few pictures of our female recruits training at Camp Sexy and Dangerous: