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Day 2,004, 12:42 Published in Belgium USA by MaryamQ
Some theme music for your listening/viewing pleasure

eRepublik is a game filled with heroes, and the occasional villain. Sometimes both have walls filled with shiny medals. Sometimes both go unrecognized. When eBelgium and eFrance were at war last month, I thought to make an article recognizing the top fighters and where they were from. But this has made me think about what makes a real hero. Certainly we are grateful to all those, eBelgian and not, in all divisions, parties and MU’s who contributed to the war effort, but do those medals make a true hero?

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

I did an informal survey among some of my friends, to find out who were their heroes and why. Nohjis pointed out, and I agree, that we may have different heroes in different areas of eLife. I got answers as diverse as ThomasRed, mittekemuis, Nohjis, el1temkd, Aldous Zamiatin, Voix of Macedonia, and many others. What these people have in common is they chose their own ways to play the game and helped others to enjoy playing, too.

I have a number of heroes for a number of reasons, but in order to avoid omitting someone, I will confine myself to my beloved eHusband, Cotarius, because he has so many of the qualities I consider heroic. So what are these qualities?

First, he plays the game with integrity. He makes his own choices, speaks the truth when he feels it needs to be spoken, and plays fairly. He doesn’t forget it is a game, and wants it to be fun, not only for him, but also for others around him. He has good instincts about people and will not accept BS from others, but he is also insightful enough and honest enough to admit when he is wrong.

Second, he has a great heart. He doesn’t make a noise about it, but he takes good care of his employees, often helps younger players privately, and respects others. He is also a great listener, open-minded, empathic and positive, showing compassion to those who have a need without allowing himself to be trodden on.

Third, you can count on him. If he says he will do something, he does it, without making excuses, and if he is going to be unable to do what others expect, he says so up front. When he came down with an illness that affects his ability to be on the computer, he explained it on the forum, and yet he has been active almost daily, not in top form, but keeping in the game and the community to the best of his ability.

Fourth, he does not have an inflated ego. He enjoys competition, and will fight hard for his standing in the national rankings and for his battle hero and campaign hero medals, but he does not boast about what he has accomplished, and often expresses surprise at the respect and affection he receives from other players.

Some players who shall remain nameless

Is Cotarius the only player with these qualities? Of course not; but he is the one I know best. Others who have heroic qualities in my eyes are people like Phoenix Quinn, a great writer and remarkably astute player who stretches our minds and our vocabularies, makes us think, and still makes it fun. Thedillpickl is another, a valued friend who is unfailingly generous, also speaks truth as he sees it, and still manages to make people smile.

Within the eBelgian community, there are many who have spent untold hours supplying in times of war, have given of their own resources where they saw a need, have stepped in to mend things when they went wrong, and often have done these things without talking about it.

To all of these people, I send hugs and cookies. You are what makes this game fun. If you have a hero you’d like to mention, please feel free to say so in the comments section. The BH and CH are their own rewards, but let’s not to forget to recognize the true heroes among us!

And especially for Jofroi



Alexandross Day 2,004, 12:45

Awesome music < 3

Ely.nea Day 2,004, 12:46

Comment deleted

MCKitkat Day 2,004, 12:47

\o/ I'm not the hero eBelgium needs, nor the one it deserves, I'm just here to annoy everyone : D

voted ofc, great job MaryamQ : )

Nohjis Day 2,004, 12:48

Raises a glass to all the unnamed heroes of this eWorld. o7

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 13:05


Ely.nea Day 2,004, 12:56

it's a beautiful declaration for cotarius, he is lucky and you too.

I hope the best for you < 3

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 13:05

We really are, Elynea, but there truly are many others who are heroic, likek you, for instance.

Ely.nea Day 2,004, 13:06

i'm not a lady, i'm not one hero, i'm just the voice of poors.

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 13:07

Then you are a hero to them.

Jofroi Day 2,004, 12:57

Aren't we all heroes afterward?

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 13:02

Perhaps we are.

Jofroi Day 2,004, 13:07

Awesome ending, loved it 😉

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 13:09

How could I deny you pink? 😉

Jeiry Day 2,004, 13:33

Heroïc article Maryam.

Djonydjo Day 2,004, 13:45

Nice as always princess MaryamQ !

Niemand Day 2,004, 14:00

Voted & smiled!

Gladiator H
Gladiator H Day 2,004, 14:39


Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 2,004, 15:36

Vote 22.

El Senso
El Senso Day 2,004, 16:49

votato o/

Thedillpickl Day 2,004, 17:09

Maryam is one of my heros of eRep. Many a night she has spoken words of encouragement when I've got my feelings bent. (She also tends to overlook when I'm being an ass.)

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 17:31

/me hugs Dill. I don't choose asses for heroes, and I choose you. ; )

Rican Day 2,004, 17:16

we all need a hero (or a heroine)

Chihiroh Day 2,005, 04:01

You want heroine? That escalated quickly..

Shoi12 Day 2,004, 18:03

Why are you talking about me?

Thedillpickl Day 2,004, 18:13

Because you are popular!

mittekemuis Day 2,004, 22:57

"Maryam is one of my heros of eRep. Many a night she has spoken words of encouragement when I've got my feelings bent." THAT +1
(She also tends to overlook when I'm being an ass.) <-- not that 😛

MaryamQ Day 2,004, 23:23

No need to overlook what is not there. ; ) There have been quite a few times when you've done the same for me, too.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,005, 00:14

nice article, shared!

El1teBE Day 2,005, 02:43

Great article, MaryamQ! I said - you're one of my heroes too 😉

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,005, 03:20

Good article

Amokkel Day 2,005, 03:37

Heroes will be heroes! Voted!

Alexandross Day 2,005, 06:59

Now, I had time to read the whole article : )
It is awesome as well, thanks for it!

Ely.nea Day 2,006, 00:42

we are all a hero since lvl 1 or more o/
We are all special, unique, in several parts of the game.
Thanks Maryam.

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